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  1. Jesus, what did Ozzie do with all of his money to stoop to wishing people a happy birthday for $50 bucks a pop? Does he get paid peanuts for the postgame show or something?
  2. We know what we are getting if Jerry is still the owner. We don’t know either way if Jerry is not the owner.
  3. LOL. Exactly. Why would you make an already looking s%*# show look even worse? No one would have been the wiser, if they just didn’t post a video of the homer. 🤣
  4. Anyone who made their record prediction assuming that the trio of Moncada, Eloy, and Robert would stay healthy was doing it wrong.
  5. Worst offense in the MLB to go along with an awful defense and bullpen. Getz completely failed at what he intended to improve in the offseason, which is evidence that his offseason was bad no matter what some people want to sugarcoat. At least it looks like we have three good starters now, although one or two of them will be traded by the deadline.
  6. Except that there were also other moves that Getz made that you don’t have listed, including moves he made in a panic to keep some of the veteran bums that he acquired, only to DFA them later. I can’t see how anyone could say that Getz did a good job of roster management so far this year with a straight face.
  7. Gotta love the hinting in those commercials that Frank is going to commit adultery with all the cuck husbands’ wives.
  8. He looks to be another outfielder that Getz and crew misidentified as having talent.
  9. Until you add up all of the dumpster diving moves the Sox make each and every offseason, for guys that are on their last leg and get DFA anyways.
  10. Haha, did Pedro actually think he was going to win and wanted to rub it in @chitownsportsfan’s face? What a 🤡.
  11. Yep, he threw an absolutely straight 90 mph meatball but in the last at bat of the inning he threw a 93 mph fastball that had good movement that hit the low and outside corner. One fastball was awful and the other was good.
  12. What does this even mean? Are you referring to negative talk by the media and fans about the 17-50 Sox?
  13. I tend to think Garfien has zero clue about minor league prospects. To him, it’s probably an amazing deal if it’s 5 of a team’s top 30 prospects with maybe one of them at the backend of the MLB top 100. He gets overexcited about quantity over quality.
  14. Which just goes to show that half or more of them will likely bust.
  15. Baltimore. They probably wouldn’t trade Holliday alone for Robert, Fedde, and Kopech.
  16. Excitement up until the trade deadline when all of them are traded but Thorpe. 😉
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