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  1. We need more balance and only have one real OF on the 40-man. We should be involved.
  2. Is this what you are hearing too? (I think you were a poster with a connection)
  3. Move on from Abreu and trade TA? It would make sense why they canceled. And possibly Hendriks who is a likable guy.
  4. I think it’s a joke about the posters who get offended when you call them pal haha
  5. Correa being on the cheating scandal team that beat the Dodgers. I’ll find the post when I get back home. It may not have been the GM but it was someone from the organization I believe (saw it on MLBTR citing Ken Rosenthal).
  6. Yeah I just looked him up. He’s 25 so probably ready looking at his numbers from last year.
  7. The Dodgers GM yesterday said they have no interest in Correa and cited fan backlash as a reason why they don’t want to sign him FWIW.
  8. Problem is one guy is currently penciled into a middle infield spot (if Dodgers signed a SS, he would be at 2B) and one is currently penciled into the OF, along with Trayce Thompson. I don’t think Muncy sees a starting job at either 2B or 3B and Chris Taylor is semi-regular bench player. They are thin.
  9. I was just thinking last night: “man, a 10-year $300M deal for a star player’s 26-36 age seasons would be an absolute steal right now.” Oh well.
  10. If you’re Boston, you’re 100% moving him to 2B in favor of Story at SS.
  11. He’d be fine on a minor league deal/play RF for 17-18 days until Colas got called up before being dfa’d if he made the team.
  12. I've accepted they're just going to have a lineup of guys hoping to bounce back and stay healthy. Worst case scenario, if they're not competitive, they should hopefully have some guys they can move in the summer.
  13. You once argued they should have been playing Nick Williams. /end discussion You’re arguing nothing here. Who knows. Maybe the Sox had interest but he chose a team with a clearer path to more playing time. He got a MLB deal with a rebuilding team. Teams that are in their competitive window don’t do that. One thing I do know is posting a AAAA player’s name 20 times a fuckin day certainly isn’t going to help the the team in anyway. Time to move on.
  14. Wasn’t wrong about what? Garrett Stone hasn’t taken an at bat in the 2023 season yet.
  15. I would like that very much. The Gallo of last year, not so much.
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