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  1. Sox get a top 10 catching prospect and their 2B while they continue to develop Sosa., Yankees get a longer time window on a promising arm and interesting reserve bat to back up Rizzo and Donaldson while clearning 2B for DJ LeMahieu.
  2. There coverage has been s%*# since Kiley left again. Always contrarian.
  3. Sox have the prospects for this move surprsingly and should make it if hes available.
  4. White Sox Get Reynolds Pirates Get Montgomery, Crochet, and Ramos or Rodriguez
  5. Remove TLR, Shake up the organization if JR won't sell and re-tool like the '06 red sox and look toward '24. QO Abreu Trade Anderson, Hendriks, Giolito, and Moncada pre-season. Move what you can of the relief core and sink or swim players mid-season. Wait on Colson Montgomery and Colas and the next wave of Ramos and J-rod as well. I think that moving through the above brings back some solid talent. I could see the Angels going for one last Hurrah before they dismantle and sell bringing in Anderson and trading O'Hoppe Post trade deadline 2023 line up DH - Jimenez (our very own Jose Guillen, love the talent can't stay healthy and should not be in the OF, until he shows he is healthy he won't be moved) C - Grandal# (with his injury isues he isn't getting moved this off-season, but if he is healthy and hot he could get moved by the ASB) 1B - Vaughn (lock him up long term and leave him be at 1B) 2B - Mendick (hopefully he can continue to break out he showed before getting hurt) SS - Sosa (potential move to 2B if danny is more of a bench player, or he is a place holder for Colson, or Colson moves to 3B, if Lenyn delivers on his potential). 3B - Burger (given the opportunity to show what he can do while the franchise waits on Colson and Ramos) LF - Sheets* (half as bad as Vaughn in the outfield, maybe some of his second half breakout is real .342/.350/.553; the BABIP is unstainable but his low BB% should revert) CF - Robert (if he stays healthy hes MVP caliber, if our hall of fame baseball guy wouldn't send up to the dish with the ability to swing with one arm, he'd be in a better position) RF - Colas* (if this organization actually believed in itself he would already be up here as a shot in the arm but with our odds falling to 13% they'd rather save the opition).
  6. Sox pull off a large under the radar move: Crochet, Ramos and Sosa to the D-backs for Marte and Mantiply.
  7. Agreed I think the sox system is somewhere between 20-23, and there is some real upside with the middle infielders.
  8. Kimbrel for Bellinger plz. Then ship Vaughn for Marte from the snakes. Anderson Marte# Robert Moncada# Abreu Bellinger* Jimenez Grandal# Sheets* Collins* C Harrison UT Garcia# UT Engel OF Giolito Lynn Cease Kopech Keuchel* Hendriks Bummer* Kelley Graverman Crochet* Ruiz Velasquez Lopez
  9. Per https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/los-angeles-dodgers/cody-bellinger-21735/ hes an UFA in '24 due to ARB4
  10. if i were to guess Kimbrel for Bellinger (26)down year -.8 fWAR, similar price tag at 17M with one more year of control, left handed OF/1B Kimbrel for Hanniger (31) 1 year of control right handed older and coming off injury horrid defender Kimbrel for Wil Myers(31) 1 year of control right handed with an option bad defense as well
  11. I'm firmly in the why not both camp and Ketel Marte makes sense at 2B/RF and sprinkle in time at SS and CF and LF if need be. His AAV is 10M for the next 3 years and will help insulate as the core continues to get pricey. Trade Vaughn and Adolfo to the snakes Unfortunately while I believe in Adolfo the sand in the hour glass has run out for him in this org, and he is a nice lotto ticket for a team mired in a deep rebuild; they can give him a long honest look in the outfield. Vaughn immediately locks up 1B for them during this rebuild. This clears up the future of 1B for Eloy or Sheets, as Abreu is (rightfully) going to get the PK treatment and will play till he wants to hang it up. The trade simulator isn't the end all be all but its a good jumping off point.
  12. this zone is shrinking all of a sudden and its bullshit
  13. Todays my 36th birthday all i'm asking for is a win.
  14. link Between Cepeda & Cesar Prieto, sox could be looking at reloading with high end Cuban talent quickly.
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