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  1. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/miami-marlins-top-29-prospects-2023/
  2. Eder is #62 on FG's top 100 https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2023-top-100-prospects/ link to his 10k game
  3. beautox


    The dream "over pay" scenario where Hahn bundles and the O's make the call as its a sellers market. White Sox Get: Holliday, Kjerstad, Povich Orioles Get: Cease, Bummer, Middleton.
  4. Robert 10% Cease 30% Burger 50% Bummer 60% Anderson 25% Clevinger 90% Grandal 5% Eloy 20% MIddleton 100%
  5. Hopefully, ship him to Houston as well for Luis Baez
  6. legit blown away that the sox actually get to take advantge of a seller's market. In years past sox would have to eat money and be happy to get the relief prospect alone. This year they get the #9 prospect in a stacked dodger system with #4 potential along with a really good looking relief arm and a warm body, all the while not having to ship any money.
  7. its one of many things to consider but yeah it leaves a fair amount to desire; having said that I think Hahn did very well addressing needs, getting a blue chip top 50 prospect that switch hits and is a catcher along with a LHP. I hate that the window is closed but this is a good first step even if I despise this FO and ownership. Burn it all down Cease, Burger, Anderson, Bummer, Kelly, Grandal, Graverman, Lynn. Possibly even Robert, lets go!
  8. wake me up when Law; finally has a mea culpa for his past 20 years or slights and overhypes.
  9. Site leaves a bit to be desired but its a decent starting point. Where are they going to get more? there is only so much available surplus value in a closed market, go do a deep dive into rebuilding and contending teams and come back and let me know who doesn't have catcher depth; the sox are one of the few orgs that fit that bill.
  10. Keith law hasn't had credibility with his prospect rankings in ages, so take that into consideration as well. Lastly William Contreras is 25 with 4 more years of service after this year. Quero is blocked.
  11. I think Burger ends up with Brewers, he's blocked here for the forseeable future by Vaughn and Eloy, his value is at an all time high, and he fits their needs and window. Something like Jeferson Quero and Tyler back coming back this way.
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