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  1. David Haugh is saying it's really bad. There's a ton of smoke. Right now my Bayesian position is moving further and further towards the raid def happened. We'll see.
  2. Has to be much, much worse than some unwanted sexual harassment. Tucker got in trouble because of Title 9 and dipping his stick in the company pool. FBI doesn't get involved in that sort of thing. I'm not going to speculate beyond that, we'll see what he did.
  3. Eloy is probably the poster child for the Sox' coaching failures. Defensively the were unable to get him a position, despite a decent athletic profile (certainly more fluid than Sheets) and offensively they never got him out of that terrible stance that basically concedes the inner 1/3 of the plate. Maybe that stance and approach works in the minors where pitchers are unable to consistently work the inside corner, but in MLB as we've seen it leads to a ton of swing and miss and weak contact into the ground. If he comes up in every other system he's a 4 WAR player that hits 270/330/520 and plays a -10 run LF but is able to play it. In our system he can't play the field without hurting himself and he can't slash better than 270/310/450.
  4. Culture is downstream of talent and winning. For the most part anyways. Grandal and Moncada's main contribution to losing isn't their attitude, it's the combined 1.5 fWAR or whatever they've produced this season. Sadly we are looking at a multi year process to get competitive. This is a bad team with a lot of mediocre and bad players.
  5. I attribute quite a bit of it to just how good of a natural athlete he is. A guy that was good enough to probably walk on and play a few minutes at IU basketball also good enough to be a 1st round MLB pick, that's not an archetype you see very often. I guess the last one Chicago drafted was TA, and that worked out, at least as a development story. Obviously the incredible zone control wasn't something you could anticipate but man when a talented athlete also has that ability to control the strike zone (as a LHB premium defender!) you have a unicorn. He'll probably be top 20 in all the offseason prospect lists I'd imagine. I just hope Chicago doesn't f*** it up somehow.
  6. I've been here 18 year or so, when were these glory days? I remember before the site redesign, when the Sox were terrible and other Sox websites were much more popular than they are now relative to this one, and traffic was absolutely dead. The last few years on the site have been some of the best imo.
  7. Overt or even subtle institutional racism is probably the one failing you can't currently put on the White Sox. Good job, orange slices all around!
  8. At least Yoan plays a premium position well. Those two bums are softball players.
  9. Amazing how the latin guys on the vast majority of all the other teams don't have these issues. Pinning this as a "latin" thing is stupid. This is a WHITE SOX thing. Our white players are brain dead, our AA players are brain dead. Our SOX players are brain dead.
  10. No s%*#. Some fucking nobody like Grifol isn't motivating a young athlete. I'd laugh in his loser face.
  11. The players aren't dumb. They all know that they work for arguably the worst franchise in baseball. That cannot be good for players in the position of Colas. Colas' people are no doubt telling him that idiots are handling him and that the faster he gets out of Chicago the better. I'd assume most of the players in the org feel that way.
  12. To do what exactly? He's already learned all he can learn at AAA.
  13. Not sure it's holding him accountable as much as a misguided attempt at it. Holding him accountable can look like starting him for 18 more games in MLB and then putting together an offseason that leads to some success. Sox have zero chance of that however.
  14. Eh, that can all be true, and probably all is, but that doesn't eliminate poor scouting. Poor scouting of work habits, poor scouting of overall athletic profile, poor scouting of overall suitability for a MLB position. Andrew Vaughn is a great example of all that.
  15. There's quite a few players the Sox have cast away as a finished product that were not exactly finished products. As we've said a million times it's a coaching and scouting issue. We have god awful MLB scouting and god awful coaching throughout the entire org.
  16. So far my (granted limited) impression of Getz is that he's unprepared and isn't interested in accountability. He's talking like he hasn't been part and parcel of the s%*# product we've seen throughout the org.
  17. Sadly the Sox will become like the Detroit Lions were for me during the Millen to Patricia regimes, which was just something I followed mostly to laugh and shake my head. As a huge Lions fan growing up the team just became so painfully awful year after year after year that there was absolutely no point in fandom. Once you get into your 30s your teams really do need to be good once and awhile. When you're younger hope can sustain your fandom but that runs out after awhile. I'm not going to follow the Sox' offseason. I'm not going to bother with a spring training trip or buying tickets for when they come out here. I'll just follow them at arm's length like I did the Lions and if they ever get new management (like the Lions) that proves they know a little about winning I'll start following more closely again. It's not being a bandwagon fan it's just realizing that rooting for a bottom 1/3 club for a decade isn't rewarding, and in some cases can actively impact your real life attitude -- that's when it gets too much. Getting angry or sad about these sad sack franchises just isn't it.
  18. Detroit style is great. We're doing a college reunion out here next weekend and my buddy from detroit has promised to make his home made detroit style pizza from scratch for us drunks. Can't fucking wait. It's the best of deep dish but with the crispness of a good NYC style.
  19. He has .4 fWAR. His wRC is 106. he has almost 1500 MLB PA and his career fWAR is -.4. He's not good and he's part of the problem. A guy we were counting on to be a star isn't even an average regular.
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