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  1. Here's the situation and everybody in that clubhouse knows it: 1) The team sucks. When you look across the room or you step into the on deck circle you know the guys aren't likely to come through. That puts additional pressure on you. 2) The manager sucks. Everybody knows it. Players talk amongst themselves and will lash out at the manager eventually because they want to blame at least some of their performance on the bad manager. 3) Death spiral. Everybody gets paid to no need to cry but that's what it's like in the working environment for every single minute of every game. I'm sure it's looser before and after, but during the games nah, that s%*# is a death spiral and unless there is a serious talent infusion by July (ha) you're going to continue to threaten some historic records. In some ways setting the all time modern RD mark is even more embarrassing than just the losses.
  2. this is a mildly racist and fatphobic joke but it was funny so I'll allow it.
  3. he got kicked out for throwing the ball back? come the f*** on. how about a warning?
  4. He's an incredible talent and it just makes the decision to rush him up as a reliever even dumber.
  5. Garrett doesn't deserve these bums. Trade him.
  6. Good luck. If you're signing our sloppy seconds you're probably a s%*# team.
  7. that is a hawkism, but it is accurate for sure with Michael.
  8. Cool, can I read his fangraphs without seeing a negative in front of his fWAR?
  9. He should have filed an appeal or protest soon as he got into the clubhouse. Not sure exactly how that works but at least get it in paper that the umps fucked up, that's the least amount of accountability we can expect.
  10. Hindered is doing a lot of work in that rule. How do you "hinder" an infield popup exactly when it's an automatic out, or, even if you think it wasn't an IF fly rule, how was he "hindered" when he camped under it for a good few seconds and easily made the play? The umps fucked it up and Pedro should have gotten himself ejected even tho the game was over.
  11. As I said, if that is "interference" then you coach your guys to just run into any base-runner, even if they are on the base, during any infield fly. Literally no downside. At least we got fucked by a bad call in a year it won't matter at all. Hard to even get too upset given our team is so awful.
  12. Love ya bud but that doesn't make any sense. It's the opposite for Acuna, as you noted they have a deep lineup. Mariners have Raleigh, Julio and a bunch of average at best players and few below average at best around him. Atlanta's entire lineup is pretty much solid regulars or stars, at least when healthy.
  13. Inverse sports media law: the worse a team is on the field, the more the media will cover the off the field drama.
  14. That's a really bad call. I like John getting upset, f*** it. Has nothing to do with the IF fly rule that is not interference by even the strictest interpretation imo. Like how is the SS "hindered" from making the play there? He camped under it if this is how they are going to interpret the rule then defenders should just purposely go hit baserunners every time there is an infield pop up.
  15. He's under the expert care of the Sox' training staff, so maybe?
  16. Lee has a long ass way to go with his hitting but defensively with that arm and with robot zones coming he has a long career as at very least a solid backup and if he ever learns to hit for any average he'll be a star.
  17. It was almost like the baseball god's having a laugh and throwing in one good player among the dozen replacement level ones Gets has brought in.
  18. Clevinger currently rocking a WHIP of 2. Lovely work from Getz bringing him in and getting him much needed work...
  19. In my experience the 4K broadcast will look better on non 4K tvs just because of the higher bit rate. Even if you don't have a 4K TV. In reality unless you are sitting within 10 feet and/or have a 60" TV you won't really notice anyways. The Amazon 60FPS HDR 1080p broadcasts are stunning on sunday night football.
  20. Great idea we'll make a thread. Let me get off work and get a few in me I'll start one.
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