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  1. The Sox had their opportunities all series and did not execute. 

    Sox left a ton of men on base with some of the best batters at the plate. The team was in a prime position to win the series and unfortunately, did not capitalize. 

    Rodon was a head scratcher considering how horrible he has been. Dallas putting up a dud in Game 2 was also not helpful. The Sox will learn from this and hopefully be better for it next year. The starting rotation and RF seem to be the biggest priorities so hopefully those adjustments will be made in the offseason. 

  2. 37 minutes ago, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

    The beauty of baseball being a team game means even while others slump others step up.

    A pitcher doesn't even have to  be in a slump. Just one inning where he cant locate and you might be down 4-0.

    Any time you lose one can point to players who underperformed . Being the best team in the AL means we have already overcome obstacles to get where we are now.

    Mazara has been bad , EE not what he has been ,Cishek not good, Moncada injured ,sick, Bummer getting hurt and Robert's long slump.

    In a short series an 0 'for from your best players doesnt even constitute a slump yet can have devastating effects.

    I'm not telling you anything you dont know just as you telling us Robert currently sucking hurts our chances.

    We just must trust that they pick each other up. Trust the depth of the team talent and the ability to rise to the occasion. Failure is more likely for teams with worse records than the Sox and a short Series might even out the odds a bit but it's the same for every team and I'd rather be able to talk about our playoff chances like this more than every 12 years.

    You don't need a thesis to know people get excited about young highly ranked prospects who performed at an MVP pace .

    No worries here , just will enjoy what's next.

    Oh absolutely. This is the beauty of team sports. I do believe Robert will figure it out. He's too talented and surrounded by a lot of great guys (Jose, TA, Eloy). It has been a blast watching the team grow over the last two seasons. We got a talented roster and one of the things I wanted to see from this team is could they hang in tight games and pull them out or play from behind and eventually put themselves in a situation to either tie or win the game. That is a sign of a maturing team. When things start poorly, do they give up or do they anchor down? The boys have done a good job this year fighting in pressure situations against good clubs. They have proven that even if you do beat them, they are difficult to beat in a series as they usually bounce back pretty well the next time out. It's tough to keep a good hitting club down for long, but it does happen if the opposing rotation is filthy. 

    I think the resistance here is that I am being critical of a fan favorite rookie who I think is a super special player assuming he can figure things out at the plate. The good news is that he has been so horrible at the plate that he really has no where to go but up. Let's just hope he finds some groove so he can contribute come playoff time. 

  3. 1 hour ago, michelangelosmonkey said:

    I know, right?   I just saw in the 16 games in September Tatis, Jr is hitting .193 with an OPS under .650. And we were all saying he's good but turns out he's garbage.  Or maybe, just maybe, baseball players go in slumps.  


    This is true, which actually supports my thesis that people need to pump the brakes when it comes to anointing players as "legends" or "great" before they actually prove they can do something consistently. The conclusion would be the same for Tatis as it would be for Robert. If Tatis does not start hitting, the Padres will be in trouble in the playoffs. He's currently batting .205 against the Dodgers this year with a .650 OPS. You need your big guys to show up against good teams otherwise it hurts your chances of winning. Saying so does not mean you're a negative nancy. Just acknowledging that a player is struggling and it needs to change soon if the goal is to win. 

    Also, Robert is now batting .103 in September with an OPS of .340. This does not mean he is garbage. It just means he's currently hitting like....garbage. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

    My son loved TMNTs . He's 33 now. I just like how their Italian names fit in with the Anderson spaghetti dinner theme of the evening.

    Growing up as a kid, the show was fun, but the real cool stuff was in the Archie comic series which I would buy every week at Walmart when it came out. 

    The avatar is from a specific storyline in the series where a future Raphael and Donatello travel backward to the past to recruit their younger selves to help fight a new enemy in the future. It's a dark series which made it much more fascinating by comparison to the bubble gum version of the TV series/Movies. 

    The comic actually predicted the polar caps would melt and flood the coasts. So the majority of New York is underwater in the future. Kinda prophetic considering that was 25 years ago. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, asindc said:

    You seem to be missing the rookie part of Robert’s season.

    I am not. The difference is that I expected such struggles while there is an entire thread dedicated to his "greatness" when in fact he has yet to prove anything at this point. My view is "slow the roll" and let it play out. Rookies struggle. Eloy struggled. Yoan struggled (but is struggling again...). The problem is not the talent. It's obvious. However, if any hitter on our roster was batting sub .200 for an entire month during a playoff push, they would also receive criticism. Does this mean I give up on Robert? No. It just means that fans need to dampen their expectations and understand that he is a bit of a black hole in the lineup right now. That's not conjecture. That's just a fact. If we want to do damage in the playoffs, we will need Robert's bat and it is my hope he finds it. 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, GermanSoxFan said:

    Glad soxtalk manages to poo-poo another great win for the Sox in an awfully tough pitching matchup by citing the low BA of some starters. 

    Robert has hit a wall recently. He will be fine, he is incredibly talented and is a hard worker. 50ish bad ABs are nothing unusual over the course of a season, especially for a rookie. He still provides value to the team with the glove. 

    Oh, I 100% agree that Robert needs to play simply due to the fact he is our best outfielder. With that said, we should pump the breaks on Robert's greatness until he proves he can hit consistently which he has not done and is at this point slumping into a .200 average. I will poo poo on him until I think he figures it out. When that happens, I will celebrate that success with everyone else. Until then, criticism is warranted especially when others poo poo on other players on our roster for hitting just as poorly. 

  7. Luis Robert is now hitting .235 and hitting worse than Grandal. 

    At this rate, he'll be batting .200 by season's end. Yes, I am being a party pooper, but without Robert swinging it, our chances of winning in the playoffs are 50-50 at best. We need that man swinging lumber and he's swinging a wiffle bat right now. Yuck. 

    Otherwise our MVPs are carrying us yet again. TA and Abreu. What a combo this year. Glad to see Dallas pitch well with a limited pitch count. Keep him healthy for the playoffs. 

  8. Luis Robert has got to get something figured out. He's arguably been one of our worst hitters in the month of September. 

    Currently throwing up .130/.226/.196 for a stellar .422 OPS. 

    The first two months were so good, but he's just been rather dreadful. If Luis or Yoan figure anything out by the playoffs, man oh man we could be frightening. Unfortunately, Luis is hitting horribly and Yoan has been just average. 

    Got to figure out some way to get those guys going especially if we want to do any damage in the playoffs. 

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  9. First time post in some time (could not access old account) and long time follower of Soxtalk. 

    Team did not come out and meet the moment tonight after the first two nights. No fire and for the AL's best offense, they looked quite pedestrian. You can reach a couple conclusions from this. One, they had an off night (hopefully) or two, they struggle against good pitching. I was more hopeful that they would be able to hit a guy who had been sitting on the DL for a month, but no dice. 

    Again, you cannot win them all so off nights are bound to happen. Too bad Lucas did not get any run support. Let's see how they respond and hopefully they can close out the series tomorrow to maintain a 3 game edge on the Twinkies.