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  1. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Aug 27, 2010 -> 02:14 PM)
    seriously...what else could be done?


    I really believe it all starts at 10-11 years old, when kids are being pushed and lurred onto travel teams. It seems like a great idea at the time, but when your starting your pitching career at 10, by the time you are 22, you already have 12 years of toll on an arm that only developed maybe half-way through that span. Mechanics play a role, but I think it's more about how much an arm can take, because regardless of how you throw a baseball, it's hard.


    Not to make a small example be the start and end of my theory, but look at Mark Buehrle. Didn't start pitching heavily till high school. An arm is like a car, miles are miles.

  2. QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Nov 9, 2009 -> 12:37 PM)
    I'm shocked people continue to purchase iPhones, considering the God-awful call and 3G reception. My buddy's iPhone is basically a crappy handheld video game for about 25% of the time.


    I bought the iPhone and have had little problems with the reception. It works in my basement fine, and NO phone works in my basement. Like all phones and providers, it varies person to person.

  3. QUOTE (Ozzie Ball @ Oct 24, 2009 -> 06:14 AM)
    Not really because at worst we'd have a defensive specialist at a very weak offensive position. Everyone always complains about how we don't play any defense and then when we do get a great defender who is also at least as good offensively as the next best option, you all just want to cast him aside.


    Makes sense to me too.


    Defensive specialist? Nix may be slightly better than Getz, but that doesn't make him anywhere near the defensive ability of Uribe or Anderson.


    And just as easily as you can talk about fans always complaining about the poor defense, you can also bring up fans complaining about all-or-nothing swings, which is what Nix is all about. Goes both ways.

  4. QUOTE (kjshoe04 @ Sep 28, 2009 -> 10:49 AM)
    I say thumbs up. It was a bit cheesy but I really am interested in where it's going.

    I liked it, but I thought the acting was poor, especially the lead guy. It's interesting enough to keep watching though.

  5. QUOTE (T R U @ Sep 6, 2009 -> 10:45 PM)
    You can only change the depth on formations while in the act of selecting the play. I think its done with the stick, but when you are on the formation there should be an option somewhere on how to flip people around or use the backup etc.


    I believe that's the only way it can be done.


    Ugh, that sucks.

  6. I just bought Madden, and it's pretty good, but one thing I can't figure out for those who have it ... how do you edit a playbook? I'm not talking creating plays, but having it so that certain players are only in certain sets/formations? I haven't been able to find out how to do it, but I'm assuming it has to be somewhere. If not, that's just retarded. Any help?

  7. Not a big fan of stacking your lineup with righties against lefties, especially tough ones that have been around a while. Sabathia may like to face lefties more, but facing righties 8 of 9 times through a lineup can become pretty easy.

  8. QUOTE (DukeNukeEm @ Aug 25, 2009 -> 03:38 PM)
    So if the Sox made the playoffs you would root against them because a team with a record worse than ours didn't make it? What?


    1. Never said I'd root against them, just that the baseball fan in me would make it hard to root for them. I think baseball is too long of a season for a team to make the playoffs because of the luck of the division they are in.


    2. Just because the Sox don't deserve to make the playoffs, doesn't mean the Tigers do deserve to make it. If both teams continue to play the way they're playing, neither would be worthy of making the playoffs, but one would be lucky enough because they played in such a weak division.

  9. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 25, 2009 -> 08:28 AM)
    Like I said, the runner was tagged out trying to return to second base because he had not properly tagged up. He was not forced out at second on the throw direct to the base. I don't know if that makes a difference or not.


    We had this come up last night in softball and the umpire gave the team the run. I argued it was a force out type play, and that the run couldn't have scored until the runner from second became a "legal" base runner. Because he hadn't tagged up properly, the runner from third was moot.


    Then again this ump also blew a infield fly rule because he said it was too close to the foul territory...


    I'm pretty sure the run still shouldn't count because the runner wasn't out trying to advance. I wouldn't be surprised though if the rule was different based on if the runner was tagged or not.

  10. QUOTE (WSoxMatt @ Aug 25, 2009 -> 08:22 AM)
    run would not count since one runner did not tag up properly...obviously a different story if the runner is trying to advance




    The situation with Quentin was different since he was in a rundown. The play described doesn't involve a rundown.

  11. I'm a little of a lot of things: editor, print/web designer, an auditor of sorts (boring job, too complicated to explain), but the most fun is baseball coach/instructor (I get paid to teach baseball, which is sweet). My goal is to expand on the latter. Plus the whole www.soxnet.net thing.

  12. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Aug 17, 2009 -> 01:53 PM)
    People just dont have the same bodies or thresholds to declare anything perfect. Lincecum could be completely shredding his shoulder right now for all we know with all of the straight arm torque he puts on it with his "grab a dollar off the ground" motion


    You're right.


    When you're throwing in the mid-90's, there is no safe delivery. In Lincecum's case, his unique delivery enables him to throw harder than his frame suggests, but it won't minimize the chance of injury. I personally can't see him getting seriously injured, but I can see him having a significant drop off in velocity.

  13. I have yet to go to this place, but if it's like La Milanese, then take Shipps word that it's good. As for Ricobenes ... eh. When my family had a place day after day we would have people come in who swore Ricobenes was the best. Then they'd try our steak sandwiches and changed their minds rather quickly. La Milanese was on par if not better than ours ... Ricobenes never compared to either.

  14. A championship over $100,000? So you'd rather a team filled with players who are making millions of dollars, players you know nothing about other than when you see them play a game, win a championship than for you to have $100K, which sadly would still just be a fraction of what those players make?


    Give me the money, pre 2005 and post-2005.

  15. QUOTE (SHIPPS @ Jul 6, 2009 -> 01:32 PM)
    You are not allowed in here being that you have the body type of a 13 year old.


    Be gone Benjamin Button.


    Since when is a gym only for people looking to lose weight? Perhaps I want to get fat? Who better to ask than fatties.