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  1. RedPinStripes

    Anyone listening to North on the Score:

    What could he have to say about Grland? He pitched well.
  2. RedPinStripes

    Bow Flex.

    Who said i'm happy? Maybe i like crashing into trees going 40 mph down a gravel hill? Maybe i like ..............well, popping knees are no fun, but raquet ball is. Gotta do something. I'm useless at my weight. I knew you'd pop up in this thread. :finger
  3. RedPinStripes

    Bow Flex.

    I doubt i'm gonna go with bow flex. I just talked to my buddy who is a personal trainer and has 300 lbs in weights and a bench. he'll let me use for a while. all i need is to get some dumbells. Much cheaper way to go.
  4. RedPinStripes

    Bow Flex.

    I'll definatly get to a gym in a few months. After i get a routine and stick with it hopefully i see some results, then i'll pay for a membership. I used to love the gym, but i'm not showing my face there in the shape i'm in. I dont think i cant handle the yoga. I was into of road mountain biking before and raquet ball. I'd like to go back in that direction.
  5. RedPinStripes

    Bow Flex.

    Buiding for size is all about diet , little cardio, and lifting so heavy you start screwing up joints like i did when i was 25. I was just starting a new routine, I got down to the weight i wasnted and i was changing it up to see how much muscle i could but on by going heavier. My shoulder still pays for that s***ty idea.
  6. RedPinStripes

    Bow Flex.

    Now that's what i wonder about. Some people say that adjusting that machine every time is a pain in the ass and you cant got from one exercise to another without stopping for a few minutes. When you're on a fat burning routine, you dont want to be resting longer then a minute screwing around with slides and resisance adjusters. Is it quick once you get to know it or is it a pain inthe ass?
  7. RedPinStripes

    Bow Flex.

    When i got in shape a few years back, i wasnt huge. I had decent cut to me , but i did too much cardio to get big. Raquette ball and mountain biking. As long as this bow flex can build muscle and burn fat, i's be happy. If you ever want to get big, you need a gym and few different guys to work out with for that extra push.
  8. RedPinStripes

    Bow Flex.

    That's my other option is just getting a bench and dumbells. I'd pay cash for a bow flex if i found one for 500, but i hear everyone selling them for 8-900. If i have to pay that much, i'd just get a new one and finance it.
  9. RedPinStripes

    Bow Flex.

    Yeah, I 'd be using it just to get started and for for when i cant hit the gym later. I've been out of the gym for a while so i'm gonna stick around the house for 6 months or so. Hopefully i can get decent results from it and then get back in the gym with all the equipment i need.
  10. RedPinStripes

    Bow Flex.

    Anyone own or use of of these before? They're up there in price. Just wondering if it's worth it. I'd buy free weights but i dont have room for it.
  11. RedPinStripes

    New Pictures

    LMFAO! Nice work.
  12. RedPinStripes

    Baggio! this IS White Sox news

    I might show up one of the days. I'm having a real hard time getting pumped up for it this year. I really dont want to hear a "pep rally" from KW and Ozzie as they try to bulls*** loyal fans. I'll try to stop in the bar one of the nights. Piss on Sox fest. I'm not spending any money on this team any sooner then i have to . This looks like the mid-80's all over again.
  13. RedPinStripes

    Baggio! this IS White Sox news

    BAGGIO!!!!!!!!!!! Wuzup dude?
  14. RedPinStripes

    Good Bye Sox and Roll Radio

    Thanx everyone. Well i hope to not get fired, but maybe when our schedules dont colide like they do now we would be able to do something possibly. As of right now me Killa and Guido all work different shifts and have different off days. That's why we were barly able to get a show a week in. We'll sit this year out and see how it goes. I dont have any of the cops crashing the party on file because those shows were all done from JoeBatters place and who knows where he is or what happened to his pc. We didnt archive anything on his pc because it was virus infected and came close to imploading during broadcasts. Hope to tail gate with you guys this year before we watch our minor league baseball team take the field.
  15. RedPinStripes

    Good Bye Sox and Roll Radio

    Most are at least 10 mb. If anything, i can burn them on disk and give them away . I have hundereds of blank disks.