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  1. QUOTE (BrianAnderson @ Dec 8, 2016 -> 08:52 PM) I'll shoot you a message too, but I am interested in learning more. I would probably want 6-12 games for two seats. I'll get more info to you over the weekend.
  2. I am looking for an additional partner for our full season tickets for 2017. We have up to 36 tickets available (can be pairs or fours). Seats are LD Platinum Boxes in 135 (behind Sox on deck circle) on aisle. Everything is at cost. Playoff rights prorated among partners. Message if interested, I'll forward more information.
  3. doogiec

    Looking for someone to split Sox season seats

    Found a couple of new partners, thanks for the space. You can close or delete this thread if you wish.
  4. For about 20 years we've had a group of guys splitting Sox full season tickets. Lower deck box, about 23 rows behind the White Sox on deck circle. Four seats. We lost a couple of our partners this year (unemployment, economy etc) and are looking for a Sox fan or two to join us in 2003 and on. We do everything at cost (no scalping!). Postseason tickets are split based on number of tickets held. This is a good opportunity for someone who goes to ten or twenty games a year to get better seats and some postseason tickets. We split the tickets in pairs, so you can get two or four tickets per game. We are splitting the All Star tickets based on seniority in the group, so its unlikely they would make it to someone new however. If you're interested, please reply or send an email to Soxtix2003@hotmail.com.