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  1. Apparently it passed the hard part but still has to reposition to face the sun. Fascinating stuff.


    Waiting for a BSP (Balta Science Post).

  2. QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Jun 29, 2016 -> 03:37 PM)
    Or maybe they are interested in having interns that are more focused on the company/work and not on the fairness of not being able to wear tennis shoes over dress shoes? Maybe the managers immediately knew these interns were worthless and not there for the right reasons?


    I'm not sure why these people need to be treated with puppy gloves.

    Treating them like adults wouldn't involve firing them, either.


    Everyone agrees that submitting a petition to amend the dress code was stupid for many reasons. The disagreement is with the punishment. Does firing the interns honestly seem like the best option to you?


    This is assuming a vacuum, btw. If it was the proverbial straw I could see it. I have a hard time believing that it could be the last straw for each of one them, though.

  3. QUOTE (ptatc @ Jun 7, 2016 -> 01:35 PM)
    Consistent marijuana use is pretty much a guaranteed ticket to a heart attack. THC does a number of these to the body. The primary effect is being powerful anti-inflammatory drug. This is why it's prescribed for things like glaucoma. However, it also slows the healing process because of this and makes injuries take much longer to heal. It also has about a 5x the effect of tobacco in causing cardiac issues.

    I've heard this before, but not any indication on what's considered "consistent." As in, number of times per week, over how long of a time period? And is it only current use, or cumulative effect of a lifetime?


    Also, I thought one of the issues with marijuana being schedule I was that we couldn't do a lot of studies on it? Or does this information come from outside the US?


    Anyone who thinks there aren't negative side effects to weed is either an idiot or ignorant. But being able to research the actual effects is important.

  4. QUOTE (Alpha Dog @ Jun 1, 2016 -> 08:43 AM)
    That or they go so by the book that they can't see straight. "I got a lefty coming up, I need to bring in that other pitcher, even though it will be my 3rd pitcher of the inning, because that's what i am supposed to do!"

    This always bothers me. Just cause it's a lefty coming up doesn't mean you need to call in the southpaw. There's other factors too.

  5. QUOTE (whitesoxjr27 @ May 26, 2016 -> 05:29 PM)
    As anyone had luck on the apps on the phone finding someone? I use the typical gay apps like grinder and it seems its made for hookups. Wanted to ask the straight world has had any success?

    I know a few people who are in serious (living together) relationships after meeting on Tinder. That's not the majority, but it happens.

  6. QUOTE (Ezio Auditore @ May 25, 2016 -> 12:37 PM)
    The High Sparrow storyline worked when it was like a brewing side plot that was taking Cersei down because of her own stupid mistakes, but now that he's in the spotlight I just want someone to off him already.

    I'd be ok if the show only depicted the Jon Snow, Dany, Arya and Bran storylines.

  7. When I was in my brother's wedding we each got a nice bottle of liquor (I got a liter of Grey Goose) and a mug with either a Bears or White Sox logo and the bride and groom's name and wedding date on it.

  8. Anyone ever done an out of state move with a moving company before?


    I want to have someone move my stuff to the Chicago area in early June, store it, then move it into the City when I get the keys to my new place July 1.


    I've just begun looking but not even sure where to start. Get a Minneapolis company to do the first leg? Get a Chicago company to come up here and grab it? I'm leaning toward the latter because then it's more likely they could store it for me then move it into the City. I'd rather just deal with one company.

  9. QUOTE (Quinarvy @ May 19, 2016 -> 05:13 PM)
    I did.


    I also know US history.


    More corrupt off the top of my head include Aaron Burr, Andrew Jackson, Al Smith, Franklin Pierce and Richard Nixon. The first three were all associated with Tammany Hall, Pierce essentially tricked his way into the presidency and hastened the road to the civil war and Nixon, well, that needs no explaining.

    Before I head down the wikipedia rabbit hole, wasn't Tammany Hall pretty much done by the time Al Smith rolled around?

  10. QUOTE (bigruss22 @ May 17, 2016 -> 09:58 PM)
    I have 1 suit and 2 sport coats. Fortunately work is business casual so I don't have to wear one often.

    Very similar to me, except I have 2 suits and 1 sport coat. My current job is business casual, but I have to ask what the standard at the new place is. When I interviewed people were in nice shirts and jeans, but it was a Friday so I'm not sure if it was just a casual day.

  11. QUOTE (shipps @ May 17, 2016 -> 03:25 PM)
    Those are some damned good looking suits.

    Yeah I like. Might have to check that out.


    I usually just wait until Men's Wearhouse has a sale.


    How many suits do you guys own/rotate through?

  12. QUOTE (Ezio Auditore @ May 17, 2016 -> 07:03 PM)
    This drives me crazy, the Iraq war was in no comparable to any of Bush's foreign policy. That was a WAR, we had hundreds of thousands of troops there, almost 2 whole years of my life was dedicated solely to it. The "wars" that they talk about in the comments sections of Mother Jones articles or Glenn Greenwald talks about are not the same thing.

    They aren't the same thing, but Obama's drone policy was still pretty awful. That and surveillance are probably my two least favorite parts of his presidency.


    Overall, we're better off than we were when he started. I think he could have been a better leader, but at the same time, I'm not sure if anyone could have been a successful leader with that god awful Congress in place.

  13. QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ May 15, 2016 -> 01:08 PM)
    I'm sure for some on the far religious right, it is an attack on the "T", but for a whole lot of us, it's just simply we don't want any dudes allowed anywhere that our daughters are naked.


    I have sympathy for the problems that transgenders are facing. I just think we've come up with an absolutely horrible solution.

    But what's the reason behind it? Is it because you don't want them checking out your daughter? In that case, are you ok with a lesbian near your naked daughter?


    Is it because you don't want your daughter to see a penis, even one attached to a human with no interest at all in your daughter in any way shape or form? If so, you're just scared of having your daughter catch a glimpse of a body part. You're entitled to hold that view. But it's not a good reason to marginalize a single person, let alone a whole category of people.

  14. Switching careers and moving back to Chicago. Super stoked!


    Just finalized everything Friday and telling work tomorrow. First time I've had to do a two weeks notice deal. Shouldn't be too bad.

  15. QUOTE (GoSox05 @ May 12, 2016 -> 12:49 PM)
    The Replacements up in Minneapolis in 2014 was by far the best reunion show I've ever seen.


    I know that band reunions can be bad and often times disappoint, but it's hard not to get excited when you first hear about them.

    I'm still pissed I didn't make it to that show.


    And Lucero opened! Hold Steady too I think.


    You reading Trouble Boys? It's great.

  16. QUOTE (Tony @ May 9, 2016 -> 05:19 PM)
    In the market for a roommate. My studio is too much money, looking to pay about 700-900 a month someplace with a roommate in the city. Most of friends already do that. Best place to look? You guys know anyone?

    Don't really know anywhere to look besides Craigslist. I'm in the same boat. Just got a job in Chicago. I'd prefer to have a roommate but none of my friends down there need one and I don't want to go the "random Craigslist" route.