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FutureSox is looking for writers local to affiliates or Camelback

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We at FutureSox have some goals in mind for 2018. You'll see more over the next few months. But one priority is trying to find people local to one or more of the affiliate clubs (or Camelback Ranch, in which case fall ball in 2017 could be your thing too) who would like to join our crew as a writer, photographer and/or videographer.


Do you fit the bill? Do you know someone who might? If so, email us (futuresox at gmail), or DM me here.


This is NOT a paid gig, sadly. As of now, none of us are paid. Though some of what we are planning for 2018 is pointing us in a direction where that could change in the future. For now, it's just for fun, or to get your foot in the door in sports journalism.

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Well, we've got Winston-Salem and PHX/Glendale set up for 2018.


Still looking for correspondents for Great Falls, Kanny, BHAM or Charlotte! Birmingham especially, that's our top priority for the moment.


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