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What do you guys think the sox should do with the roster. They need to drop 7 players for the playoffs and we know that:


1. Raul Casanova

2. Joe Borchard

3. David Sanders

4. Jeff Baj

5. Anderson


Will definitly go


The other 2 spots will be either Gload, Willie, McCarthy and i would like to say Timo, but he has been here the entire year and Ozzie loves him and he does seem to do good in the clutch, which may come in handy in October. Another option i thought of, but im not sure if it will work, is to put duque on the DL or something. My guess is that McCarthy and probably Gload will go.

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Apparently, Vizcaino will make the roster. It's just a debate between El Duque and McCarthy.


Guillen delays postseason roster


CLEVELAND -- Ken Williams, Ozzie Guillen and Guillen's coaching staff met Friday for two hours to discuss the team's playoff roster for a postseason beginning Tuesday night at U.S. Cellular Field.


Even with seemingly only one spot still to be decided, the team's general manager and manager will have additional meetings this weekend to finalize the issue.


"We will have to discuss it a little more," Williams said. "We still have some more to talk about and argue about."


In most short series situations, teams carry 10 pitchers and add the extra position player. The White Sox won't be able to following that particular plan because of Dustin Hermanson's on-going battle with lower back problems.


On a team based on pitching and defense, the White Sox will carry 11 hurlers in order that Guillen won't be left short-handed in any situation. The pitching locks for the roster are starters Jose Contreras, Mark Buehrle and Freddy Garcia, who will pitch the first three games of the series, and Jon Garland.


The bullpen will feature Hermanson, Damaso Marte, Neal Cotts, Cliff Politte, Bobby Jenks and Luis Vizcaino, leaving the final spot for Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez or rookie Brandon McCarthy.


Williams said Friday that each pitcher presents his own respective list of positives and negatives.


"The question really is do you go with the guy that has the experience and has not pitched or had very much success recently?" Williams said, referring first to El Duque. "Or do you go with the young guy, who might be less equipped to deal with the stage, but he's been lights out?"


"That's not fun for me at all," Guillen added of the roster decision. "Hopefully, the people we pick will be the right people to help us."


McCarthy still is scheduled to start the regular-season finale Sunday at Jacobs Field, but Guillen mentioned Friday that Hernandez is set for relief work this weekend to see if he can handle that role. Guillen has expressed doubts in the past because Hernandez has such an extensive routine to prepare for each start.


McCarthy, rookie right-hander, has been more effective of late. But it's hard to overlook Hernandez's 9-3 record in the postseason. These complicating factors could be why Guillen will wait until Tuesday morning, the last possible moment, to announce his final decision.


In the interim, Guillen is being very careful with his starters during this final weekend of 2005. Only Scott Podsednik and Joe Crede were in Friday's starting lineup against Kevin Millwood, with Crede anxiously awaiting the start after missing two days for the birth of his second daughter.


"I want to get back in the groove of things and get back into the rhythm of the playoffs," Crede said.


Guillen rested second baseman Tadahito Iguchi for a second straight day and said he was uncertain as to whether Iguchi would be back in the starting lineup Saturday. The White Sox manager believes Iguchi produces his best work when he's rested and fresh.


Iguchi will finish the season at 134 or 135 games played, right on par with his high-water mark of 140 in 2001 for the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks. Guillen does understand the disappointment of Iguchi not being on the field for the American Central-clinching victory Thursday, but much like the Hernandez-McCarthy decision, he's simply trying to do the best for his team.


"We have to take care of him," said Guillen of Iguchi. "He played 12 straight games, and that was the most [consecutive games] he played all year.


"I get worried about if I want to get the best out of him, he needs some rest," Guillen added.

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