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  1. 20 minutes ago, chetkincaid said:

    The pessimist in me is saying they're going to try to treat it with rest for months, only to realize that he needs TJS in the middle of next season or something.

    I hope I'm dead wrong.

    Usually flares up about a week into spring training. we've seen this movie so many times before. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, SoCalChiSox said:

    A trade with BOS for Price only would be a garbage result.

    Signing Keuchel as our primary SP signing would be a garbage result.

    Being forced to give Ryu  a 4 year deal because of poor planning and execution would be a garbage result.

    Trading away key prospects or key pieces for a SP when we have tons of cash would be a garbage result.

    Signing two Wood/Nova types on one year deals and extinguishing the 2020 season before it begins despite us having suffered for years and been told lies about spending would be a garbage result.

    I will be absolutely SEETHING if any of these 5 things come to pass.


    you might want to start a meditation practice now.