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  1. DestroyBaseball

    8/10 Games

    Boy, what a catch. I hope there's video soon. I'll be at Hansen's start tomorrow too!
  2. DestroyBaseball

    8/10 Games

    He was supposed to start tonight, but the rainout pushed him to tomorrow.
  3. DestroyBaseball

    FS: Have the Sox ever had a prospect like Eloy in AAA?

    Lol, just addressing the Moncada issue, the answer is I literally forgot he existed, because I am a Writer who does Research (??) But yes, I'm going to go with, he had already played in the majors! It was planned all along. Ron Kittle was too far back. I just wanted to go back far enough to see a few comps, not necessarily all of them. But I like this discussion! It can be hard to find info on the way-back minors, I wish there were more resources from back then to see what people thought of whatever prospects (if they thought about them at all - I'm sure not to the degree we do today, just due to data availability alone).
  4. DestroyBaseball

    FS: Absolutely Go Into The Light

    Thank you!! This was a fun one to write! Who would have guessed optimism feels better than pessimism?
  5. DestroyBaseball

    The Heat Death of the Minor League Season

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Sep 7, 2017 -> 11:58 AM) Or, you're like us, and clinch the wildcard on the last day of the season and suddenyl realize that you have 48 hours to prepare for playoff games that no one p[lanned to have. And then one gets rained out last night and everyone is confused because you aren't having a doubleheader like normal. Been a crazy couple days. Love these articles. Oh man. You're in my thoughts. Godspeed. And thanks!
  6. DestroyBaseball

    FS: Rain Delays I Have Known and Loved

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Jun 22, 2017 -> 01:53 PM) Never thought of that. You guys almost need a locker somewhere by the field, but I'd guess space is limited as well. I'd hate to work in soaked shoes and socks all day. Do minor league teams pay the interns? Do they pay people for real hours worked? I can only imagine putting in 80-100 hours a week on a homestand and not getting paid or paid for 40. It varies according to team. Some teams don't pay interns at all, some pay them like regular employees, some pay them starting from gameday employee report time, even if they've been there longer. It's all about experience and building a network at that point in a career anyway. I was extremely lucky to get an internship that covered my rent. And thanks for the positive response, everyone! Homestands in the minors can feel like these isolated dreamlike bubbles of time where everything blends together because of sleep deprivation and stress (eminor3d, sounds like you know this), and rainy days within those homestands feel like another isolated bubble in themselves. It's an experience.