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  1. It's been relatively quiet so far this week, especially considering the number of teams selling and quite a few teams really needing an upgrade or two.  This could be one of those deadlines when many trades happen on Friday.

    The Sox have been very quiet.  I'm sure they're working on things, but it's concerning we're not even hearing rumors.

  2. 13 minutes ago, The Beast said:

    I predict they add a reliever or two but for they find that the cost for a good second baseman is going to be steep and they roll with Mendick or Garcia.

    If the Frazier trade is any indication, the price tag for a rental 2B shouldn't be bad at all.  However, who knows what the FO would consider too steep.

  3. 1 minute ago, bmags said:

    I agree here. Sheets provides needed LH power in DH OR Grandal in DH on off days. Vaughn's bat needs to be in lineup now even vs. RHP, so that's RF.

    2b is the sweet spot, easy to fill, lots of options, perfect for a rental.

    And Leury is making it really easy for the front office to add a 2B.  There are enough options out there that would be an improvement over what he is providing right now.

  4. When it comes to adding a 2B, looking at all factors, here's where I stand:

    1) Turner (wishful but highly unlikely)
    2) Escobar
    3) Schoop
    4) Baez (there would be so much attitude in the middle infield)
    5) Story (just think he'll cost too much for a couple month rental)

  5. 3 minutes ago, iWiN4PreP said:

    Any Trea Turner talk is probably moot.. if the Mariners are involved they can beat out any offer we have. If the Rays are involved, they can beat out any offer, etc.

    Our farm system just fucking sucks.


    Edit: I should note that I don't trade Vaughn/Kopech under any circumstance.

    They have to be completely off limits.  Both of these guys are players you build your team around.  Vaughn is already showing what kind of hitter he is going to be, which is one of the best in the league.  And Kopech has a $300 million arm.

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    What is your trade proposal for Turner?  I don’t see how we get him without disrupting the major league roster.

    Either Burger. Crochet, and a couple prospects or Madrigal. Crochet, and a couple prospects.  I'm not sure what Washington's needs are, but someone mentioned they'd probably want a replacement for Turner, and Madrigal would fit that.

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure either package gets it done.

  7. 4 minutes ago, bmags said:

    Holy smokes.

    Unfortunately…we have zero good trade pieces that don’t downgrade us now. Kopech would probably be key.

    He would be a perfect fit.  Controlled through next year, the price tag is going to be very high.  Despite NSC's hypothetical of Burger, Crochet, ++, I would think any package starts with Vaughn or Kopech...and those guys have to be untouchable.

  8. 4 minutes ago, iWiN4PreP said:

    I can't wait to see who the White Sox bring in. The hype is unreal.

    Story? Sweet. Escobar? Awesome. Maybe a surprise Starlin Marte/Gallo type? Hell yeah.

    Just GO for it! Is all I ask.

    I think a 2B is a sure bet.  My guess would be either Escobar or Schoop.

    A reliever or two should be a sure bet, and I do think they acquire one.  I couldn't hazard to guess who it might be though.  I don't expect a big name (Kimbrel, Chafin, Rodriguez), although they could really use a solid 8th inning guy.

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  9. Much needed win.  Lynn looked great again, and his single that drove in the winning runs was key.  Kopech looked okay.  He did a nice job battling through his first inning, but there was no reason to have him bat and start the 8th.  Hendriks was the guy we needed at the time we needed him.  The guy we saw last night is the crazy SOB we're going to need in the playoffs.

    Good to see the Sox win a game against a really good team on national TV.  It was the pitching duel that was advertised, but part of that was due to the Sox hitters continuing to look like poop.  It's a strange night when Zavala and Lynn drive in your only runs.

    Speaking of Zavala, from what I've seen, he does a better job behind the plate than Collins.  And he received praise again from Lynn.  Any chance he sticks around and Collins goes down when Grandal comes back?