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  1. QUOTE (Reddy @ Feb 9, 2010 -> 08:50 PM) then that def is a start in the right direction. good stuff. I'm hoping it is. I'm just really confused right now about what she's thinking.
  2. QUOTE (Reddy @ Feb 9, 2010 -> 07:16 PM) who initiated said talking? She did
  3. QUOTE (SoxFan1 @ Feb 9, 2010 -> 06:39 PM) Working how? Haven't spoken for about a week and she finally started talking to me again. Which is a start in the right direction.
  4. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Feb 9, 2010 -> 07:29 PM) Gotta put her on ignore for a little while then. Yeah solid advice, pretty much what I'm doing at this point. Appears to be working.
  5. QUOTE (PlaySumFnJurny @ Feb 8, 2010 -> 03:57 PM) I hear his sweat is .08.
  6. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Feb 8, 2010 -> 09:51 AM) Cuz p**** tastes good. It doesn't taste that good
  7. Alright, its been a week and still she refuses to talk about this with me. f*** this, I'm done. Why even waste my time anymore?
  8. Well thats representing the team in a positive way. Although funny, its probably not very good from a PR standpoint
  9. QUOTE (BigEdWalsh @ Feb 6, 2010 -> 01:25 AM) Depending a whole lot on who you were with. Oh God, I didn't even consider that
  10. QUOTE (JoeBatterz @ Feb 4, 2010 -> 09:38 PM) Who has time for TV in the morning anyways? Exactly what I was thinking
  11. Drank an entire 5th of SoCo. Woke up with my pants down around my ankles. Must have been a good night
  12. QUOTE (iamshack @ Feb 3, 2010 -> 01:12 AM) How old are you and this lady friend? How long have you known one another? She's 22 (I'm 21) I've know her for 4 years, but this last year is when we really started to get to know one another on a more personal level
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