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  1. When KW swings a trade for a reliever at the deadline everyone will realize that our bullpen is our only real weakness.
  2. And once again... winning is a team stat, not an individual stat.
  3. Our bullpen is really the only problem.
  4. Why bother looking at a pitcher's record when there are much better metrics available? ERA, WHIP, BAA, etc.
  5. That's a great one. The fact is that wins are a team stat. Judging a pitcher's talent by his record is not a good idea.
  6. Anderson should only be facing lefties and used as a late-inning defensive replacement at this point. Mackowiak should face all righties.
  7. Shawn Estes 99-90 career record 4.71 career ERA
  8. Wins are a team stat so it's almost pointless to judge Garland by that stat alone. Garland got his last win after giving up 5 earned runs in 6 innings -- not a good outing but the offense pretty much earned him the win.
  9. I still fail to see how saying that Ozuna is bad defensively at third base is whining. He's a good guy to have on the bench but saying that he is bad defensively at third base is simply telling the truth. I'd still rather have him than a guy like Neifi Perez making $2.5 million a year but I'm not going to lie about his defensive talent and make him into a better player than he is.
  10. Thome made his old team eat s***... and rightfully so after those lame boos.
  11. Nelson! He actually had to get some lefties out.
  12. He could use some work in this blowout the way he is pitching.
  13. Why the hell isn't Politte pitching in this monstrous blowout?
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