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  1. QUOTE (Sox72 @ Apr 19, 2010 -> 08:17 PM) Anyone that has Insider able to let us know what the White Sox rumor on there is about? It has A.J.'s picture next to it. I'd be surprised if it was for A.J. and they were ready to bring Flowers up. But I did just assume that because of a picture and nothing else. You can't post material that is in paid for subscriptions. You can paraphrase it and talk about it, but you can't post it verbatim.
  2. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Apr 9, 2010 -> 09:22 PM) Ok, get your votes in now. will Teahen: K GIDP ? Go kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  3. QUOTE (beckham15 @ Apr 9, 2010 -> 09:19 PM) i sniff a kotsay sighting soon God i hope not.
  4. QUOTE (BFirebird @ Apr 9, 2010 -> 08:28 PM) I think he swung. +1
  5. More Buehrle! You know you love it. According to Buster Olney, Mark Buehrle's camp proposed an alternative to the full no-trade clause contract. Buehrle's side asked for the same four-year, $56MM deal, but with a $17MM player option for 2012 that would kick in in the event of a trade. That'd put Buehrle's deal on par with Roy Oswalt's. The White Sox rejected the counteroffer. Ken Rosenthal confirms the info. There must be something the Sox don't like about Buehrle, or some secret rebuilding plan in the near future. The fact remains that the team rejected a heavily discounted contract to retain their 28 year-old ace. It's damn near inexcusable to me. We've been down this road before - but it really looks like a trade is coming in the near future. Phil Rogers mentioned Kenny Williams's affinity for Jacoby Ellsbury of the Red Sox and Carlos Gomez of the Mets. Gomez will be out for four to eight weeks with a fractured wrist bone, but that shouldn't affect his trade value. Don't forget the Dodgers - they could really use some rotation certainty. It'd probably cost them Matt Kemp.
  6. QUOTE(Heads22 @ Jul 6, 2007 -> 07:33 PM) Dukes is a f***ing nut. No. I agree, but what about a starting 08 outfield of Kemp,Rowand and dukes? Not to shabby plus good defense,speed with strong arms in left and right. Plus Hudson is one of the top defense 2b in the league and is fast also.We will just have to keep Dukes from beating up women here in Chicago. Although we have enough cops doing that already so should be fine.
  7. Speculating has been going strong for quite a while now that the White Sox have interest in Diamondbacks second baseman Orlando Hudson. As Yahoo's Tim Brown explains, Josh Byrnes and Kenny Williams talk often and Byrnes could use a starting pitcher. As I mentioned earlier, the D'Backs have cheap options at second base if they're willing to sacrifice some defense. Or the Sox could just include Tadahito Iguchi in the deal. The White Sox would basically be acquiring Hudson for 2008. He would certainly fit the bill of Major League talent Williams desires, and he'd strengthen the team defensively. Byrnes could go after Mark Buehrle or Jose Contreras, or even re-acquire Javier Vazquez. I think an additional prospect aside from Hudson would be required for Buehrle or Vazquez. Maybe Dustin Nippert. The Devil Rays optioned Elijah Dukes to Class A and put him on the temporary inactive list back on June 22nd. He's earning his Major League salary and getting counseling for his problems. According to Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus, the White Sox may be interested. Given their clear need for outfielders for 2008, a Dukes trade makes plenty of sense. Chicago is a far way from Tampa and would represent a fresh start for Dukes. Andrew Friedman and Kenny Williams have yet to match up for a trade to the best of my knowledge, though the Rays apparently have interest in Chicago's available starters.
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