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Found 1 result

  1. Locked on Sox had a good discussion regarding Lynn / Rodon FA contracts on their podcast (23 minutes in). https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-274-all-star-preview-the-rodon-lynn-decisions/id1486968407?i=1000528696124 The missing piece in their discussion was the budget considerations, but both felt Lynn (2-3 years $15M) and Rodon ($20M + 3-4 years) would be good signings, and that the Sox "could afford both", Since the Sox are at the upper range of all time payroll, I'm not so sure they will spend for both, with the other substantial contracts on the books (assumption for this exercise is Keuchel makes 160 IP this/next year and club picks up these options *, and Arbitration estimates (guesses)); 2022 ($136M): Abreu $19.7M, Grandal $18.3M, Keuchel $18M, Moncada $13.8M, Hendriks $13M, Anderson $9.5M, Jimenez $7.3M, Giolito $6M (A), Robert $6M, Bummer $2.5M, Engel $2.2M (A) (Eaton $1M) + 15 More Players ($19M - most at minimum which may increase with CBA plus a few in the $1M-$3M range) 2023 ($137M): Keuchel $20M, Grandal $18.3M, Moncada $17.8M, Hendriks $14M, Anderson * $12.5M, Jimenez $10.3M, Robert $9.5M, Giolito $8M, Bummer $3.8M, Engel $3.0M + 16 More Players ($20M - most at minimum which may increase with CBA plus a few in the $1M-$3M range) If you're Rick Hahn and given a $155M-$160M budget for 2022 and beyond, what do you do? Sign Rodon at $20M for 3-4 years, Lynn at $15M for 2-3 years, both and trade higher priced contract to make it work, or neither and spend the money on cheaper FA pitchers, trade acquisitions and or hitting.
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