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Posting Rules?

The Hawk

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I was suspended for ten days for referring to the virus that is plaguing this country in supposedly two banned words. The banning by some poster named Quin referred to these words being a part of some banned words list for this board. Does this list exist and if so, where? I've read the policy as well as the general rules regarding posting and do not see anything in my posting as being vile, profane, racist, crude, etc. I asked a simple baseball related question about whether people thought that the virus was going to again affect whether or not it was going to mess with the 2021 season. As for the ban message there was no warning whatsoever and obviously no redress.  Was this some kind of political type punishment because I opined that I enjoy singing the National Anthem in public?

I want to know what gives on this site having to do with moderation and the rules to be followed. I said  several times that very day I was being trolled by some people that I didn't want to engage in political nonsense and to basically bug out. 

Thank you and I'd appreciate a reply.

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5 minutes ago, Danny Dravot said:

From one vet to another, just delete this and approach the mods privately. It’s not like you have a constitutional right to post here. They can enforce their rules however they like. Your suspension is over so forget about it and hang out. It’s not the end of the world.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate that. I just want to know what the rules are and how they get established and enforced. I don't want to talk politics and wasn't when I got banned. 

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