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Signature and Avatar Guidelines


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Effective immediately, Soxtalk will implement the following guidelines on user signatures. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to PM me.


1) Users are allowed to have one image in a signature, not to exceed 525 x 200 pixels. This is obviously a give or take situation, as we are going to make a judgment call on most if the size is close. If something is obviously much bigger than the guidelines, it will need to be removed.


2) Text is allowed in signatures, not to exceed FIVE lines of normal sized writing. If oversized text is used, it should not exceed three lines. Up to 10 lines of text is allowed if no image is present in the signature.


3) No links to sites with subject matter deemed inappropriate by Soxtalk moderators/administrators, including but not limited to pornography, gambling and other illegal activities. Links of this nature will result in immediate warnings and/or suspensions.


Thank you for your cooperation.



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Addendum as of 2011:


The content of a member's avatar and signature is subject to approval by the site's administrators.


If the content is deemed to be against the board's guidelines, it will be requested to be removed, then removed if the member does not immediately comply.

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