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Battlefield 2


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QUOTE(SoxFanForever @ Jun 15, 2005 -> 04:49 PM)
Did you download the demo or get a disc somewhere?  I have been itching to play it.  I really loved BF Vietnam.


I downloaded the demo from fileplanet this morning when there was only a 4 minute wait.


Its really cool. They have a commander option for someone now that all he pretty much does is can launch air strikes, use satelites to scan the map and see where there troops are, get a spy plane to search a small area for the enemy, send supply drops and give squads that you can form orders. I was commander earlier and it was pretty cool, but someone always gets it over me now.


But when i just played now, i was in a server that didnt have vote kicks for some reason and it was Team killing everywhere. It was insane, someone had a score of -1034 :headshake

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