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  1. QUOTE (Tony @ Sep 18, 2017 -> 12:57 PM) I pulled the trigger, and don't regret it for a second. Starting my franchise with a 97 overall Urlacher, rookie Tillman, rookie Tommie Harris, Brigs, and just a two-headed monster of Thomas Jones-Anthony Thomas in the backfield, haha. Maaaan, i really miss the ps2 maddens/ncaa's. Everything since that era has always felt alot clunkier.
  2. Held on to win by 4 points thanks to that Crowder fumble. Going to the championship for the 2nd straight year. Hopefully this year goes better than last.
  3. QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Nov 18, 2016 -> 10:29 AM) So has anyone here bought (or attempted to buy) the NES classic yet? It looks like that is the big rage for Christmas this year and pretty much all the stores are sold out of it. I still have a couple of actual working NES systems from the 80's/90's and all of my old games so I'm not all that interested in it. I already have half the games that come pre-installed on it and the few I don't have never interested me that much anyway. The only thing that really intrigues me is the ability to save any game at any point. That would've been nice 25 years ago. I really wanted it for my daughter as I thought it'd be a good introduction to videogames. At this point, I might punt on it as this manufactured demand is absurd.
  4. QUOTE (Jenksy Cat @ Sep 26, 2016 -> 12:15 PM) Kept up my usual trajectory. April - super hyped, live and die with every game May - still hyped (this is new territory in the last 4 years) June - paying attention, but starting to see who they really are July - paying less attention August - occasionally look up highlights, keep up with key players Sept - Don't care at all, despise the franchise and promise I'll stop supporting them April 2017 - spend $400 on opening day tickets, rinse repeat. This, all the way this. I haven't watched a full game since the Angels sweep right after the ASG.
  5. It's that time of year. I have a question for y'all. So I'm in a keeper league that's been around for years and we can trade draft picks. Last year, I traded my 2016 3rd rd pick for Alshon. While it didn't work out, I still made it to the championship. In this league, you can pick your draft pick slot based on how you finished last year, so I have a decision to make: Do I: Go Early1/Late2/Late 4 or do I go Late1/Early2/Early4? My brain tells me to go w/ the late 1st round pick and hedge my bets against a bust, but my heart tells me to go #1, get AB and hope for the best. Thoughts?
  6. I'm done tricking myself into thinking we can compete. Blow it up
  7. Has anyone tried to use their $2 codes for sox games? I've been trying all morning but I can't find the place to put the code where it will work on the tm website...
  8. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Jun 24, 2016 -> 08:24 PM) Peppa Pig is getting close to Calliou in the worst kids TV show ever rankings. My daughter only watches Peppa Pig.......I actually don't mind it. You can't beat 5 minute episodes.
  9. They will have a hot streak in late July and pull themselves within striking distance of the wildcard, make a move and then quickly lose 8 of 10. We've seen this script before people.
  10. Are they limiting each event with like 10 voucher slots? Seems pretty amazing that every single available show anywhere is sold out.
  11. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Jun 3, 2016 -> 07:31 AM) Anybody fly out of O'hare the last few weeks? From what I've heard the TSA lines are back to normal for the most part, no more 2 hour lines. I went out last week and they were giving everyone the tsa precheck treatment - shoes on, laptops in your bag, liquids in your bag, etc. Sooo much faster.
  12. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 6, 2016 -> 10:02 AM) Yeah, give me the easy out of Lot B any day. Lot B? I've had my worst parking experiences in that lot. Any of the lots on the south side of the stadium are the way to go.
  13. SnB

    The Beer Thread

    I've just recently discovered Firestone Walker, might be my new favorite brewery. Great beer and the best logo.
  14. QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Mar 12, 2016 -> 01:26 PM) The First Amendment is not the one I'd hoped would be challenged this election season. Last night was an embarrassment and against everything this country stands for - or at least I thought. f*** anyone who supports Bernie Sanders right now. C'mon now. You can be a Sanders supporter and not support what happened yesterday. Don't be that guy.
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