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  1. This is Jerry’s kind of off-season. I don’t even get my hopes up anymore.
  2. The longer this drags out the worse I’ll feel. Not that we can’t sign him but it’s what I’m used to. My Sox defense mechanism.
  3. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that we sign Hendricks. I was worried about the Phillies til they are looking at slashing payroll and how much better the Sox are.
  4. I wanted Brantley to DH. He could’ve really helped this club offensively a lot more than Eaton. Just hope Eaton crashing into walls doesn’t happen a lot and Robert doesn’t learn that shit from him. We need Robert healthy. They talked about Robin Ventura talking to Eaton about that years ago.
  5. No excuse not to sign both Brantley and Hendricks. I agree with Leiter (spelling be damned)
  6. Bob reported it so that’s why I feel confident
  7. I’m all for it. I think Kopech is going to be a rockstar. Just have to make sure they take care of him.
  8. So are they going to use Kopech in the pen in 2021 if they sign another starter? Is that the plan?
  9. I really want Brantley now. He’s really going to fill out the lineup. He’s also a really good mentor for young hitters. Between he and Abreu, they’ll be able to help the young guys be even better.
  10. This move would be a home run and make me happy
  11. Damn I hate this owner with a burning passion. This move sucks in every way possible. Now he already hung up on the flagship radio station? JFC this team man. Can never be truly excited about anything. This rebuild is fraudulent and a farce.
  12. Rick Hahn preached long term success...keep that in mind when getting pissy with people complaining
  13. I’m not mad at trading prospects. It’s going to happen at some point. I’m just pissed that the owner won’t spend instead of always trading prospects. Not all of these guys will be great.
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