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Sox Side Batterz

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I hope this is the right spot for it, but if not and this thread gets moved, just shoot me a message so I can find it. Experience has taught me that this board gets so much traffic that unless you come here a few times a day, it is easy to lose your spot.


I was hoping to get some feedback on my team the Sox Side Batterz. Surely we have some other fantasy players here as half the guys in my league are die-hard Sox fans as well.


Creativity was not with me when naming my team this year.



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1. theres a fantasy section of the site, but thats what im not here to moan about lol



I didnt read all that, i just checked your team, if its a keeper league, you ahve some very nice keepers.

If its just a normal head to head league, i dont like the team. To much speed, not enough power.

But once again, if its keeper league, you ahve a dominat team with amazing catcher, great 2b, good of's with good age, and hernadez

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