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Toews Sig


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Tell me what you think of it .. I use to be a big photoshop guy but havent touched it in 6 months, when the seasons comes or i get better people can request some if they really want, or if you want one now.


but yeah if you would be so kind give me some C+C





i sharpened it to much which made Toews look very pixeled is my only complaint on it

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QUOTE(chwhtsox @ Jan 7, 2008 -> 07:06 PM)
please see my request in "I need a little help" thread...


alright ill look into it .. might be a bit hard to fine a good graveyard with those guidelines


anyone else feel free to give their comments

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Not bad at all. I like the effects in the background, but the filter and the stroke over Toews should probably go. Just makes it look low quality. Text isn't bad at all, and fits well with the background. I don't like using cut-off pictures in sigs or wallpapers unless it's intentionally meant to look like that, for example, if the player render is coming "out" of the text or from some sort of shape or something.


One other thing, you might want to tone down the red stuff over Toews just a bit, or possibly add more red to the bg to balance it out. Hope that helps any.

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