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Prospect Links and Info - the reference guide


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For those unaware, FutureSox is a blog that came from the original SoxTalk/SoxNet community. We write about White Sox minor leaguers and prospects. We provide tons of content - The FutureSox part of the SoxTalk board is the discussion area, which is thriving, but is actually only a part of what we offer. If you want to know about the guys who could be the White Sox of the future, we've got you covered. This pinned post provides links to all sorts of handy information, at your fingertips...


First, social media channels. Many of you probably already follow/subscribe to some or all of these. Use them - they are all free! You can keep up to date with everything this way, beyond just via SoxTalk (especially if you are on your smart phone and SoxTalk doesn’t work as well)...


The Blog – FutureSox.com

--This is the mothership for FutureSox, where all of our articles go up. But you can also put your email address in the Subscribe box on the right side, and you'll get an email every time a new piece goes up - whether it is a recap, interview, analysis or anything else. No spam or ads for this either, it is only notifications of our articles going live. We have new content every day now.


Twitter: @FutureSox

--We have over 4,500 followers, and it is a very active account, sending out all kinds of info, so follow us if you are on Twitter!


Facebook: FutureSox (page)

--"Like" us on Facebook, where we post article links and other information. Especially handy for those who are on smart phones but don't use Twitter. We only have about 260 "Likes" right now, would love to have more!


YouTube: FutureSox Videos (channel)

--We have exclusive videos of over 70 current White Sox prospects on our channel. These are videos we took ourselves and can't be found elsewhere. In fact, we have video of a number of prospects who you just can't find video for anywhere else from anyone. You can Subscribe to the channel and you will be emailed when new videos go up. We saw every affiliate live this year, so there is a lot of current tape to look at!


Podcasts - on Pod-o-matic or iTunes

--You can subscribe on Pod-o-matic to get our podcasts (we've done a bunch so far), or just search "FutureSox" on iTunes. Downloads are free, and we get into lots of detail on these that you won't see written up anywhere. So download us to your audio device, and give us a listen on your commute.


Then the pure informational links...


Current Top 30 Prospects, and previous rankings


Prospect Profiles - Detailed reports for around 40 of the best prospects in the system at any given time


Most recent Draft Tracker


Interviews - mostly prospects, but also coaches, managers, and front office personnel


Finally, a list of all the Future Sox writers, their SoxTalk handles (if they have one, and Twitter handles...


Dan Santaromita, Editor (danman31), @TheDanSanto

Matt Cassidy, Editor (NorthSideSox72), @Matt_Cassidy

Jeff Buchanan (Ozzie Ball), ?

Rob Young (southside hitman), @RobertHYoung

Brian Bilek (raBBit), @ChiSoxraBBit

Will Siskel (wsiskel), @willsiskel

Daniel Shapiro (Quinarvy), @DanielShapiro19

Matt Lynch (MDL27), @MattLynch27


We’ve ramped up our content a lot in the past year. We have daily recaps of the every day’s games, interviews with prospects (did about 50 this year), analysis and feature pieces, news coverage, draft analysis (before and after), player-written articles (two so far, hoping for more), we visit the affiliate teams during the season, and of course the two big ones people always lean on – twice-annual prospect rankings, and the draft tracker in June. We (the writers of FutureSox) are proud of what we’ve built, and we hope everyone takes advantage of all this content.


If anyone has suggestions, let us know!

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