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  1. TheBigHurt

    Don't tease me...

    You're a pretty good troll, I have to admit.
  2. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    Is it really that amazing? HOW MANY "months" do you mean? It's an important question because Dunn and Rios have never taken off during this ENTIRE SEASON which is now almost over. How long do they have to suck ROYALLY before it would make sense to you to bench them for guys like Viciedo/De Aza? Or just to bench them PERIOD?
  3. Tell me I'm wrong. I'm not calling people, "stupid." Point out where I called anyone stupid, please. As always, you are twisting my words around to sound more severe than they actually are when I'm trying to be more subtle than that. And yeah, you suspended me once for something you misquoted me entirely on. What you claimed I said was not remotely close to what I had actually said and when I called you out for that you suspended me. I still have the PMs saved, too. That's why I generally ignore you. I have a big problem with people that have to put words in other people's mouths, especially while doing it from a position of authority and then acting on that authority unjustifiably.
  4. You really love exaggerating and misquoting people, don't you? Not to mention I don't see you jumping on anyone else in this thread for going after Ozzie's head. But no, I haven't said that many times at all; stop being dramatic just because you apparently have something against me.
  5. Funny how a few years ago when I was going off about how terrible a manager was everyone on the site was ganging up on me... and look at it now. There's a very small amount of people left who think highly of him at all and those people, frankly, are impossible.
  6. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    Average >>> Below Average. Agree?
  7. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    It's pretty obvious you're the kind of guy who doesn't think for yourself. You'll agree with anyone who shares your mindset no matter how stupid they sound because you don't have the ability to see the big picture. You're the epitome of the common American these days: "I'm an AMERICAN and my opinion matters just as much as everyone else's... even if I have NO insight BEHIND my opinion. Why do I even HAVE the opinion I do? Well... I don't know! But I'll stay in firm belief of it because it's my right!"
  8. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    "Average?" And you're cool with that? The guy made a perfect analogy. And Ozzie IS a buffoon of a manager; he screws up the simplest of decisions, ignores stats, goes off on inappropriate tirades on a regular basis and constantly insults/throws his players under the bus. There's nothing left to like about Ozzie at this point. The only thing I enjoy is when he now and then cracks a funny joke. That's definitely not grounds for keeping someone around.
  9. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    Of all freaking people to hear such a thing from. That is the very definition of "irony" after making the first post I quoted from you, Tex. You clearly don't take time to read and understand, either... just jump to whatever conclusion you want so you can make a biased argument. I'm sick of guys like yourself arguing as if those of us opposing Ozzie are trying to say the players aren't controlling their own destinies but you use that as a cop-out because you refuse to acknowledge that being as poor an in-game manager as Ozzie loses you a lot of games... and there is no debating that point.
  10. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    Bulls***, Tex; the biggest arguments to defend Ozzie (as well as Walker) have been cop-outs, one of which has been that manager's decisions don't matter enough to fire Ozzie (which in turn means any manager EVER so why didn't we just keep LaRussa in the first place? LOL) and hire someone else because "who would be better?" and because it's all on the players. The players play and the managers manage; BOTH are vital to winning games. As a manager you are supposed to make the simple decisions correctly (Ozzie consistently fails at this) and put your team in the best position to win. Rarely DOES he.
  11. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    Who the f*** is making that argument??? You people are so damn desperate to defend Ozzie you'll make s*** up to do it? I rest my damn case. If you had read ANY of my posts (or anyone ELSE'S for that matter) you would know I simply said that you guys are using this "only players matter" crap to disguise the fact that managers have a big impact as well; constantly screwing up the easiest of decisions definitely has a major impact on a team.
  12. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    I dunno, must be. There's SOME weird reason the usual few around here still REFUSE to accept the fact that Ozzie's managing is terrible. Nah, managers make no impact on the game at all so it doesn't matter, right? I cringe every time someone makes that argument because it's flat out idiotic.
  13. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    Cop-outs galore from the usual suspects around here. Fine, guys. The players are all to blame; Ozzie is NEVER to blame for ANYTHING. If he makes an idiotic managerial decision, he is not responsible for it... ever. This is what you guys are alluding to. Ozzie has a lack of talent? Sure, but that amall amount of talent sitting on the bench while Dunn bats 4th or 5th is unforgivable. And this is just one example out of ENDLESS examples I could use. A "lack of talent" doesn't mean there's nothing the manager could screw up; clearly some of you have not been paying attention to a large amount of posts in the topic and are just too stubborn to bother because you love and defend Ozzie to a tee for some bizarre reason. There's really nothing to even like about the guy at this point.
  14. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    Correct. Ozzie can't make those very well. If said manager could do what you JUST illiustrated, obviously a different manager WOULD have changed a LOT about this season... and every season since 2006 at LEAST. I happen to think Ozzie's idiotic managing is a bigger issue than his childish antics.
  15. TheBigHurt

    ... it's about time

    This is what you don't get. Whether it turns out good or bad, a bad decision is a bad decision. Dunn hasn't worked out, but signing him to the deal we did was a GOOD decision. If you do something stupid that should cause damage in some way, but luck intervenes and nothing bad happens, does that now mean what you did wasn't stupid? No. This is elementary logic, greg. If Ozzie plays the right/lefty matchup even when the stats are DRAMATICALLY against his decision and the pitcher still gets the out unscathed, putting it said pitcher does NOT cease to be a bad decision. There is no arguing with this; it's a fact.