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  1. I don't know....ask most around the league what player gives the Sox a better chance next October...Dunning or Lance Lynn? There's you answer.
  2. You can't keep hanging on to "prospects" when the time is now to win. Had to give up something for something. I don't mind the move at all. Dunning really hasn't proven he's middle of rotation guy quite yet. Love Dane and all...but at some point you have to give up some goods when your window is open.
  3. I'm literally sick to my stomach over this. For all the hard work...the seemingly forever of building this young team of studs...for the the patience of a fan base that's waited for a team like this to arrive...for Reinsdorf to absolutely kick everybody in the nuts for his own personal bullshit is a little more than I can fathom. What an absolute kick in the nuts to everybody from Hahn...to the young players...to the fans. Fuck you Jerry!
  4. Sox will probably want someone with a Latino influence. Wouldn't surprise me if Vizquel's name gets brought back up. But absolutely NO to Hinch or Cora.
  5. need the "go the other way" mindset tonight
  6. weird set up by the Twins catcher...if I was throwing to him...not a fan. friggin weird.
  7. hahaaa...God that was awesome! Was that off Crochet?
  8. lol...even anal warts are considered Covid these days. Puhlease.
  9. some sliders/breaking pitches would be nice...
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