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  1. Their defense up the middle has been better. Management bad on both sides. Their offense is clicking while ours isn't but theirs is a veteran offense and ours younger. Their SP has gotten the ball over the plate more in counts where they needed to. I'm not convinced that we aren't the overall better team. Take out a team in the AL Central, put the Astros in their place, I still think we have a shot at winning the division. Its just the same shit with us though, poor fundamentals. They definitely are a better fundamental team.
  2. Sheets has been a major surprise this year. Nothing but love for Gavin.
  3. He has way better stuff and makes fewer mistakes with it. I know Lopez has had a lucky streak. Great. I hope somebody wants him over the off-season.
  4. No he's not. At all. Ever. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you to even say that. TLR was supposed to rest him and he didn't. That's on TLR not Kopech.
  5. Hes in a bad slump. Problem is he's utterly useless when he's not hitting. He's a K and GIDP threat in the heart of the order who is a dog in the field.
  6. TLR will return. Moccacino will go. Shelly Duncan will get a promotion. Another TLR guy will come in as hitting coach.
  7. Ha good luck with that. What prospects are we attaching? Anyone want to send him to the Cubs for a bag balls while throwing Vera or Jose Rodriguez in the deal as the centerpiece and a guy like Thompson as the sweetener? That's a lot of bad money and only so many teams willing to take it on. The price would be legit spects.
  8. Tepera is like the boss you face at the end of the video game.
  9. Actually it would be if the dorf decided to go be a space tourist and then the ship exploded. BOOM! That would be confetti falling down.
  10. Abreu has choked on balls up and Eloy has aggressively chased pitches down and there's no reason to change the approach of he's going to keep doing it. Ultimately on the playoffs, your talent needs to shine. You can only tolerate so many players having a shit series.
  11. Moncada going through the motions is tough to watch. Eloy being a dog is tough to watch. Maybe next time before they step up to the plate they can go over to Sheets and stick their hands down his pants and rub his balls like a miniature Buddha not just for good luck but to feel what a real pair feels like.
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