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  1. 1st thing you have ever said that I have agreed with.
  2. Thanks again m.a for all of the great info, and all of your hard work you bring to this site, keep it coming
  3. Thank you for all your insite, I really enjoy it
  4. Great observation, I thought the same thing.
  5. best comments i have ever read on this site, thank you for telling the truth, but I am afraid the people making the needed baseball decisions are not the right people.
  6. Of all the people on this site, i pay attention to what you say, the question I have for you is are the White Sox looking to add on?
  7. Great idea, I have wanted him for 2 years now
  8. But all coming back from serious injuries
  9. If having one the best organizations in baseball is weird then I would take it.
  10. Thanks again for always adding such interesting info to this boring process.
  11. Can someone tell me why this team hits so many ground balls?
  12. Hey Friday have you heard anything on that White Sox trade you mentioned a few weeks ago?
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