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  1. bzhippos

    Bonus Wallpaper Finale

    Thanks a lot. It looks great.
  2. bzhippos

    Detroit fans

    Anyone go onto the tigers page? The poll question is which team is not going to make it to the playoffs them us or the twins. No doubt we are leading in votes by a lot. Is it just because we won last year that we are constantly crapped on? I think everyone is rooting for us to fail this year except for us fans.
  3. bzhippos

    Sig Request, First Ever - I need me some Gload!

    Im there with ya. I would like some Gload wallpaper. But at least I found another Gload fan.
  4. bzhippos

    Alomar Jr.'s jersey

    QUOTE(WSoxMatt @ Jul 24, 2006 -> 07:14 PM) El Duque Gload wore 26 before him and Brian Daubach wore 26 before Gload