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  1. I would hope there would be more than just clicking on the link as the article implies for someone to get 'raided.' If it led you to a website and you had to "click here to enter," then I would think that would demonstrate sufficient evidence of intent to view illegal material. For something as vile as child pornography, there won't be much complaining, but could this set a precedent for other activities?

  2. I'm not convinced that an 8-year deal is a good idea for any player. Too many players have been good for 2, 3, 4, or even 6 years then dropped off due to laziness or injury. Given that we know he's prone to laziness (eating and exercising anyway), I'm not sure I'd be putting this one in the win column for the Tigers. It's a great PR move, and they need a young slugger to build around given the age of the rest of the lineup. I still don't think it's a great deal for them; great deal for Miggy...risky for the Tigers.

  3. QUOTE(iamshack @ Mar 24, 2008 -> 11:46 AM)
    He's already been held accountable for his actions. In fact, other than Sean Tracy, I'm not sure I can think of a guy who's been held more accountable for his actions. How has he not been held accountable?



    QUOTE(lostfan @ Mar 24, 2008 -> 11:51 AM)
    lol, I hate to have to invoke this comparison again, but saying Brian Anderson has not been held accountable for his actions by the White Sox fanbase is like saying Rex Grossman hasn't been held accountable for his action by the Bears fanbase. I can't think of any single topic that's generated more arguments and discussion outside of winning the WS in '05.


    Some fans have definitely held him accountable; others continue to blame Ozzie, Kenny, and the Wicked Witch of the West for his struggles. Again, the positive side here is that it appears that all is good this Spring, which is good for the Sox and good for fans that want to watch good, winning baseball.


    (By the way, I have to be the slowest to 150 posts in history...it only took 5 years!)

  4. Ozzie may not be perfect, but I find it interesting (disappointing?) that so many people do not want to hold Brian Anderson accountable for his own actions (performance, behavior, and attitude). If he had been above average on one of those three items, none of this discussion would be happening. The two things under his control: behavior and attitude; it is his responsibility to take his job seriously.


    The great thing about this Spring Training is that BA seems to be finally excelling at all three. That speaks highly of his maturation and emotional intelligence. If it continues, it'll be a great win-win for the Sox and Anderson. If not, I'm sure some will find a way to blame it on someone else.



  5. QUOTE(Princess Dye @ Mar 18, 2008 -> 04:16 PM)
    There's nothing wrong with looking at Quentin's AAA stats and wanting to see it get a CHANCE at the MLB level. While healthy.


    Thats the difference between him and BA. BA, while healthy, has gotten his chance, and then some.



    Somebody who knows more than the numbers can correct me, but is it really true that Quentin (395 ABs in 138 games) has had less of a MLB chance than Anderson (416 ABs in 160 games)? It seems they've had relatively equal amount of MLB time to date. For my money, I'll take the players (of Owens, BA, Quentin, etc) that are completely healthy and ready. Anderson has a couple more weeks to keep punching his ticket, but if he continues to perform you have to reward him with a spot on the team. If he really has improved his attitude and his swing, he'd be a major plus to the Sox.

  6. Winner of GA/KY will play two games today - the SEC Champ game will still be tomorrow but starting 2 hours later (3pm Eastern).


    All games have been moved to Ga Tech, and only family, friends, and school-related officials (plus media, etc) will be allowed into the games. Today's and tomorrow's games will be played in front of a nearly empty arena...


    Source: Today's AJC

  7. QUOTE(NorthSideSox72 @ Mar 14, 2008 -> 10:27 AM)
    I think SF will eventually cave and give up Sanchez or something else a little more worthwhile. They need bats worse than the Sox need to get rid of Crede. And its not like there are a ton of options out there. Inge is the only other one, and DET isn't going to give him up for nothing either.


    Does SF really need to make a deal? They are going to suck either way - why part with young talent (which I'd assume the Sox want) for a guy that probably won't make them better than a last place team. It seems SF only wants to trade their old talent, and there really isn't a fit for those guys on the Sox.

  8. QUOTE(max power @ Mar 14, 2008 -> 07:49 AM)
    Your link doesn't work. Dave roberts eh? Bleh.


    I couldn't get the link to work, so posted the full url. Either way, just a horrible offer from the Giants. At that price, I'm glad KW hasn't traded Crede yet.

  9. QUOTE(rcpweiner @ Mar 12, 2008 -> 07:22 PM)
    Just curious, say Anderson gets the CF job, who do people envision hitting leadoff? Cabrera-Swisher at 1-2 would be fine with me if BA turns the corner this year, which is really the best case scenario for this year.


    I'd go Swisher-Cabrera...which is my hoped for lineup regardless. If BA is in CF, then it'll be Swish-BA-Dye. If BA isn't, it should be Quentin-BA-Dye.

  10. QUOTE(whitesoxfan99 @ Mar 11, 2008 -> 04:05 PM)
    Based on the way McGinley phrased that it sounds like they are going to film 18 new episodes that will air on ABC.


    That's the way I read it as well...and it would be AWESOME!

  11. QUOTE(Felix @ Mar 9, 2008 -> 07:27 PM)
    None of those teams have really traded their highest value players while holding onto their lowest value players (unless you're talking about Miguel Tejada being traded when his value was probably the lowest possible, barring a suspension due to 'roids)


    I also don't disagree that the ownership in Baltimore is absolutely terrible, but Tampa Bay and KC are pretty well stocked for the upcoming years.


    I'm also not saying that Florida's plan is the best plan for everyone, but you can't deny their results. 2 World Series rings in 14 years of existence? Not going to get much better than that.


    Sure, the Marlins have done it twice very well and, true, Baltimore is a management problem. However, my main point is that the Marlins are more an anomoly than the norm. Rebuilding isn't as easy as some (not saying you, in particular) think that it is. KC has traded some very good players (David Cone, Dye, Damon, Beltran) at a point in which they had a ton of value and has had only one winning season since 1995 when the trading / dumping salaries began. Sure they have good, young talent, but that has been true for awhile now. Same with Tampa Bay - not a single winning season in their ten year existence - though they haven't done much in trading their top players, which was your original point (so TB proves my point but doesn't really disprove your point).