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  1. 22 minutes ago, pcq said:

    Buxton broke his hand. 

    Didn’t realize his numbers were insane for playing a month’s worth of games this season, and now this. It’s awful. You never like to see really good players get hurt, but he’s heading toward a “what might have been” legacy. 

  2. I wanted 44-29 at the end of 31 games in 31 days. It’s 43-29 with one postponed. This series sucked, but with all the injuries, this was bound to happen eventually. Hopefully they get a couple good nights of sleep and then kick the Pirates around before another off day. 

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  3. Orioles last road win was John Means no-hitter … 18 losses since

    Diamondbacks last road win was Madison Bumgarner's 7-inning no hitter...22 losses since, tied for longest in modern era. They play this afternoon vs Kevin Gausman.


  4. The correct answer is “Allow a standardized substance”. Or change something about the ball material that will improve the grip. 

    next year- 1st offense: one month, no pay; 2nd offense- 3 months. That would stop it. 

  5. Eloy, Robert, and Madrigal back on September 1st would be sweet. Right now, they really don’t need them to win this division. Get healthy, and don’t come back until you’re 100%. 

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