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  1. Lou Skizas played outfield for the Sox in April, 1959. Passed away recently at 91. RIP https://legacy.suntimes.com/us/obituaries/chicagosuntimes/name/lou-skizas-obituary?id=53687282 https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/lou-skizas/ 5 surviving members of the 1959 team- Joe Hicks, 90 Luis Aparicio, 89 Ken McBride, 88 JC Martin, 87 Claude Raymond, 87
  2. Yep. Or before. Seems like this year’s Winter Meetings are a day shorter. Used to be- get there Sunday night, three full days, then the Rule 5 on Thursday morning and leave. This year, the Rule 5 is Wednesday. The way they communicate now, the trade/signing aspect of the Meetings is a little overrated, especially if it’s only two full days now. The Eloy and Cease moves could really happen anytime in the next couple weeks.
  3. I don’t recall a writer or somebody with a platform coming up with a trade proposal, and then it actually happens. Maybe the teams involved, but rarely the players.
  4. Next move- I’ll be bold…bye Mom!!
  5. Not sure if the Getz comments are tongue in cheek, but I’m pretty happy with the moves and comments so far. Obviously the Sox aren’t winning a ton of games in 2024, and DeJong could be here for a very short time, but at least they’re trying to bring in big leaguers that can help the roster. They aren’t going down the Colas route at multiple positions, and that’s a good thing. The Hahn/Williams rebuild is done. It failed. Now it’s Getz’s turn to try, like it or not. We’ll see if the team is good in 25 and 26.
  6. Remillard is an easy DFA once this is announced. Well, there’s a bunch of guys…
  7. My pick before the Sox picked Grifol. We’ll see how this goes.
  8. Yes, points! (if you know, you know)
  9. The video lost me calling Cease an ace.
  10. Would never vote for a guy after suspended post Mitchell Report. Beltran, Beltre, Buehrle, Helton, Hunter, Jones, Mauer, Rollins, Utley, Wagner Was never really a Jones or Wagner supporter, but they’re close enough that I would probably check them if I actually had a vote.
  11. Yes. Forgot about that.
  12. Brewers non tendered Woodruff. Yeesh.
  13. Just my opinion, but Getz should talk generally about trading guys.
  14. It just doesn’t make sense to trade him at his age, talent level, and years left. Hopefully he stays healthy now.
  15. 40-man at 40, but dump away. Deadline at 7 central.
  16. I think if there’s one stat you can look at and call this a good trade it’s Bummer having WHIP over 1.500 over the last two seasons.
  17. It was up to 37 with Mena and Eder. They really don’t have to jettison guys now, but looking at the 40–man, there is still a bunch of easily dumped AAAA guys.
  18. Shuster, Soroka, Lopez, and Shewmake are on the 40-man which is now full. Lot of DFA candidates.
  19. I kinda got over that 4-5 years ago
  20. If Kopech stays, it’s gotta be bullpen. He deserves to be given up on as a starter.
  21. Yep, good potential trade. Time will tell.
  22. Until proven otherwise, it’s Dodgers or Giants and everything else is using teams to get the most money.
  23. Awards this week. I’ll save you the time: Mon- Henderson, Carroll Tue- Hyde, Schumaker (maybe Counsell) Wed- Cole, Snell Thu- Ohtani, Acuna
  24. I had no problem with Monaco in the limited amount I heard him. Hope they match up on a deal. When McKnight was on the Score, nothing made me turn off the radio faster than hearing his voice. For him to be the pbp announcer for the only team I care about, would be a gut punch.
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