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  1. Dr. Ruth Westheimer, 96 Richard Simmons, 76 Shannen Doherty, 53 RIP
  2. Eh, I kinda think they’ll end up winning 3 out of 10 no matter what.
  3. I hope the Sox are in a position just to DFA Eloy and Moncada on Aug 1. There will only be about 50 games left. Just play the kids and players they acquire soon. Eloy is one of the biggest Sox disappointments…ever?
  4. RIP Jimmy Hurst, 52 Sox draft pick and almost made it up with the Sox in the 90s. Made it up with the Tigers in 1997.
  5. Glad MLB Now called out Robert today on their Un-baseball-y plays. Just get behind the ball and make the throw. It’s just what you do.
  6. At that distance, just do the professional thing. Set up properly, and make the throw. It really is a problem that needs to be addressed with him. He catches the ball flat footed all the time.
  7. Robert is overrated because of the durability issue. They should package him with Fedde or Crochet and get what they can get.
  8. 5 of 15 was perfect except they don’t need divisions. And the one game knockout with the 4 and 5 seeds is ok too. There are too many teams playing for the middle now, and why shouldn’t they? You actually have a shot. But does it make MLB or the postseason better? I don’t think so.
  9. 31-51 the rest of the way actually sounds good for this team. That’s how bad it is. Never going to happen though.
  10. It’s been a blessing that he’s been a big leaguer, and they don’t have to rush Montgomery. And based on the numbers, Colson can stay down all year for all I care. Maybe a September call up if he gets it together and DeJong is traded too.
  11. He’s enjoyable to watch pitch. He’ll have a few stinkers, but the days he’s on, it’s going to be 7-8 innings.
  12. What an inexcusable loss. Kopech and Grifol can both f*** off.
  13. Back to losing today so we can say they’re 2-19 in last 21.
  14. And we beat the Red Sox 14-2 in game 1 of the 2005 ALDS. Basically the last time we had a chance of winning a ring…and did, thankfully.
  15. Tomorrow really is a perfect day to fire Grifol. Friday news dump/ Crochet on the mound. I say go for it!!
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