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  1. Just want to point out TA has played in just under 69% (nice) of Sox games over the last four seasons. Not exactly a player who is showing a strong durability factor. Look, he’s a good player, but I don’t consider him an untradeable guy. If the Sox want to make a good old fashioned baseball trade with him involved, go ahead and do it. If it’s just for “he’s gotta go” reasons, then I’d be more on board with seeing what a new coaching staff can bring out of TA.
  2. The golf clap in the clubhouse when TA made the AS team was pretty telling how bad it was in there. So dumb they released that video.
  3. To be honest, I think the Sox should play for being in the best position they can be for 2025. We aren’t winning anything the next two years. Astros are too good, and too many other AL teams are better now and in a better position for the future. What I’m trying to say…sell the team, Jerry.
  4. Don’t want Gallo, but 1 yr isn’t going to hurt anyone. And if he can field, at least there’s that.
  5. They did that on Thursday mornings in the past. It will be a full day today including the draft.
  6. The good news is spring training isn’t for 10 weeks. Most teams are in the same position as the Sox as far as acquiring players for 2023. s%*# may happen tonight or tomorrow. Certainly the next three weeks will be active for everyone. Let’s see what the roster looks like on 1/1/23 compared to the rest of the league.
  7. Only 5pm out there. Could get wacky late hopefully.
  8. Did the draft simulator 10 times. Two 6’s and a 4th. We’re getting the 15th pick.
  9. Damn, that’s a lot for what he’s been the last couple years. Hey Jerry, you need to go to 200 million.
  10. Gotta think incentives are involved whatever the base.
  11. Feels like the trade market can’t move until Judge and the three shortstops all sign.
  12. If Judge is indeed going to San Diego today, then hopefully it’s to sign and have a press conference. Hope he goes to the Giants too.
  13. I’ll believe it when it’s done. Until then, bullshit.
  14. Judge expected in San Diego tomorrow, so we’ll see who he picks. Gotta think he’ll stay with the Yankees. Wouldn’t be surprised if it leaks tonight.
  15. Going into the offseason I did have four names to blow up the “feeling” of this team- La Russa, Abreu, Giolito, Anderson. Two are gone.
  16. He’ll get six years when the mainstream media learns how to pronounce his name.
  17. Fred McGriff will be announced as a Hall of Famer in a couple hours…finally! Would be happy if Dale Murphy and Don Mattingly make it too. Curt Schilling- wouldn’t say I’m throwing a party- but he deserves it based on his baseball career.
  18. I thought he quit baseball. Re-signed
  19. We should go for this guy next week. Sox and Oakland like 3-ways. Make it happen, Hahn.
  20. The Committee vote is being announced Sunday night on MLB Network. Belle, Bonds, Clemens, Mattingly, McGriff, Murphy, Palmeiro, Schilling are on the ballot. The voters are Paul Beeston, Theo Epstein, Steve Hirdt, Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, Arte Moreno, Kim Ng, Jack Morris, LaVelle Neal, Ryne Sandberg, Susan Slusser, Lee Smith, Dave St Peter, Alan Trammell, Frank Thomas, Ken Williams 12 out of 16 get you in. Fred McGriff is a no-doubter. I’d be fine with anyone except Belle and Palmeiro.
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