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    How does that Kimbrel, Madrigal trade look now....dumb
  2. loidwalden

    Sox Acquire Kimbrel; Madrigal, Heuer to Cubs

    I totally agree with this...
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    2011 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    I have to get this off my chest. In last week's 7 to 3 victory over Cleveland, Ozzie refused to pinch hit for Dunne (3 or 83) agains a lefty. I love Ozzie. I'm glad he is our manger. But he screwed this one up. And worse, he explained it (as I understand it because I didn't hear this) by saying the guy is payed $14 million and therefore I'm going to use him. Before I even heard this feeble rationale, I thought about the fans at the game who paid good money, some hundreds of dollars, to see good baseball. This was not good baseball and there is no way to excuse it. Ozzie should be ashamed of himself and apologize to the fans who deserved more