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  1. 2 hours ago, southsider2k5 said:

    TLRs age isn't even as big of a deal as the fact that things have changed A LOT since he was last in the dugout. Hell he could lose half the team on day 1 with his anthem stance.

    I think there is also an energy issue. TLR was very involved in 2018 w Cora and his staff but that was a consultant. If JR is enamored w Tony, maybe he adds him as a consultant who can assist  a younger manager.  Just not sure TLR has the ability to be a full time manager at 76. 

  2. 6 hours ago, hi8is said:

    That said - It is not a stretch to say that Vaughn has the talent to become the best hitter on this team.

    He is that talented.

    Hopefully the organization can find him a position. RF may be a stretch so it could be IB by default. Not DH as some have said. 

  3. 8 hours ago, greg775 said:

    Damned if you do regarding analytics; damned if you don't. Just.Win.Baby. Remember Ned Yost will always be remembered as a WS winning manager. People thought he was a veritable clown for a long long time. Just.Win.Baby.

    So was Ozzie. Not sure Ned fits the "just win baby "category. In 16 years, Ned lost more games than he won and only had 2 postseason appearances.   

  4. 15 minutes ago, Two-Gun Pete said:

    Well, when someone show you who they are through their actions, you should believe them.

    There hasn't been anything of a comparative and competitive process since Ozzie was hired 17 years ago. The last time there was a need for a manager while the team was thought to be competitive, it was a one man, three question "search " that included ONLY Ventura.

    I certainly hope youre correct that there will be more than a 2 man search. But so far, we've heard nothing to that effect.

    Maybe there are talks going on but rumors seem limited. The Boston opening occurred earlier and they seem to be just as quiet.  It almost seems like everything is on hold till the World Series ends and then Boston will grab Cora and Hinch will go to Sox. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, Flash said:

    Realistic and productive offseason:

    1) trade a package of prospects for Lance Lynn (1 yr left at $9.3M)

    2) trade ReyLo plus prospects for Tauchman (NYY LH OF)

    3) sign Quintana and Eloy spread over 2 trades 

    4) re-sign Colome

    Create playing time for Vaughn, Collins

    Dump K's of EE, GG, Rodon, Cishek

    I would question what prospects  you are including especially since Reylo's value may be limited after this year. The Sox top 5 prospects are Vaughn -Kopech-Madrigal -Crochet and Dunning.  I love Lynn but he is going to require at least 1 top 5 ( and you must be keeping Vaughn) unless Eloy could be included. I don't think Kopech ( health questions and Crochet ( talent ) are available so the Top 5 is dwindling. Maybe Cease,  Dunning,  Eloy + would be feasible

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  6. 12 hours ago, NWINFan said:

    My sentiments exactly. The man has been out of baseball for a long time, is 76 years old, and I can't see him relating to the younger player. No LaRussa, No Guillen, in fact no one who has strong ties to the White Sox. Moving forward is right.

    Actually you are wrong. Dave Dombrowski hired him as a special assistant 2 years ago to " serve as a consultant to the minor and major league coaching staffs, which included first-year manager Alex Cora. He was very involved in what turned out to be a Championship season. 

    He certainly would not be a good managerial candidate but if Hahn goes w a first-year guy, LaRussa might have some value as a consultant. 



  7. 14 hours ago, poppysox said:

    I agree with you.  Don't ask players to pick the boss.  Some of the best managers in history were in your face guys who were not trying to buddy up with the players.  We all have credited RR with his friendly clubhouse, etc.  Maybe a stronger hand will get better results.

    Not sure you can assume that. Do  Kevin Cash and Dusty Baker rule w a stronger hand?  Terry Francona  ran very friendly clubhouses and was famous for having  daily card games w his players.  I think each clubhouse make-up is unique and good managers adapt to being friendly or having a strong hand depending on the situation. 

  8. 4 hours ago, poppysox said:

    I would expect any high-end manager to insist on having total discretion in his coaching staff.

    Not so sure. Both Cora and Hinch are coming back from suspensions so they may not be able to insist.  Now if there is strong competition for their services among multiple teams,  they will have more leverage. 

    I find it interesting that MLB teams do have to wait till after the World Series but NBA teams did not have to wait till NBA Championship. 

  9. 14 minutes ago, fathom said:

    Michael Brantley is my guy for RF. Joc looking so terrible this year scares the crap out of me for next year.

    Fathom: Fairly well written article on pros/cons of Astros resigning Brantley. Seems like he is showing signs of regressing especially defensively but maybe the Sox could milk him for another year.




  10. 14 minutes ago, yesterday333 said:

    So you are saying the front office isn’t competitive? Not saying anybody is 100% to blame but sticking with washed up vets seems like an old school RR way of thinking. Also if the front office is so worried about being “right” as you say they’d be more willing to move away from bad players. I think the one thing this stuff shows is the organization does not believe in Yermin or Collins. Both are guys that would make the FO look “right” if they were good. 

    Per Rick Hahn at his signing:

    We’re quite pleased to add someone of his caliber to this lineup,” Sox general manager Rick Hahn said. “The numbers speak for themselves in terms of continuing to be a dangerous presence and an outstanding source of power for the last decade-plus."We feel he’s someone who’s going to not only improve our run-scoring but (also) be a significant positive within our clubhouse.” (



    Maybe with a short season the FO felt the bad players would eventually get hot and they never did. Seems like the combination of RR and the FO decided EE would have tobreak out at some point.  

  11. 8 hours ago, Yearnin' for Yermin said:

    He could definitely be worse than Eloy. Imagine putting Paulie out there. Not saying Vaughn is that slow, but let's me real. Assuming 1st basemen would field better than Eloy is a huge stretch. Eloy flashes decent range at times. 

    I think the Sox FO  has to determine where they see Eloy and Vaughn eventually playing. If both are really DH only or the successor to Abreu, they may want to shop one for trade value. Both are too young to be a  full-time DH especially as their future contracts come in to play. 

  12. 22 minutes ago, Jerksticks said:

    Stop.  The highly paid baseball people who employ the highly paid medical people are doing exactly everything the way they see fit with every player on the team.  Assuming anything different is completely insane.  


  13. I thought Hahn would move on from RR( and also Coop) but with no announcement in the last few days, that may not be the case. Hinch and Cora's names are both being floated in Boston and Detroit already. If Hahn is making a change, hesitation could limit some candidates as jobs get filled. Maybe the Sox go internal /alumni and are not concerned w choices outside the organization. But not moving right away may also mean Hahn is not making a change.  

  14. i do think Hahn will release Renteria.  Ventura actually convinced Hahn to hire him  and Hahn eventually chose him to take Robin's place.  I think just as important is giving Coop a gold watch and choosing a new combination of manager and pitching coach.  If the Sox had won yesterday, RR may have kept his job but the time is probably right at this point.  Hopefully the Sox move quickly as I am sure there will be more openings besides Boston .  Maybe Hahn has already done his homework  and will get a jump on the competition.  

    On when RR was hired: 


    The White Sox noted that Renteria is the only Latino manager in the majors, and general manager Rick Hahn said his ability to communicate with players in English and Spanish was a "real plus".Rick is incredibly well respected within the game as one of the top baseball men," Hahn said. "He is a knowledgeable teacher of the game who loves to develop players and spends hours watching video looking for any nuance that gives us an edge."


  15. 1 hour ago, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

    It wasn't knee jerk It was planned. Give Dunning a look and see how he pitches. Maybe just maybe he gives you 2-3 innings I was hoping for 3 or 4 and I said so before the game. If he hangs too many gave up a walk and hit or a couple of hits he was going to be out of there and that's just what he did. I'm still amazed Heuer Bummer and Foster could all just die on the vine the way they did. Someone had to step up and no one did . Zero zilch nada (and the one who might have gets hurt) ,not the pitchers with the lead or the hitters throughout the game.

    Bummer came in due to the injury so he got the time to warm up. But tat can work either way for a reliever. He gave up two ground ball outs to end the 2nd. He came back the next inning and gave up a walk, a  strike out and a single. They brought in a RH pinch hitter and he left for Heuer. He gave up a walk and single in one inning and no runs. You said he died on the vine????

  16. 3 minutes ago, Richie said:

    I'm glad my spirit was crushed and my will to give a shit was cut directly in half during the Cleveland series. 

    I'm not half as upset as I normally would be. 

    You had to know this was coming. We're a horrible baseball team right now. For a variety of reasons. We're not even a top 8 team in the AL. Not at this moment. Not a playoff team. 

    So the #2 team in AL is struggling to beat us w home field. Think before you post

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