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Yearnin' for Yermin

I think it's time to take Jose off the banner

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QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jul 11, 2016 -> 10:13 AM)
This guy is a troll.


I primarily lurk and don't post, but I read this board quite a bit. Ron is a true blue cubbie troll, the good posters on his site shouldn't waste precious keystrokes responding to such poor trolling.


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QUOTE (harkness @ Jul 11, 2016 -> 04:12 PM)
Abreu has appeared to be declining.. the basic numbers are straight forward.


BUT its more than a little early to be making any conclusions on him.


He still has a lot of career to go... after this season is over we can assess more reasonably.


He is still driving in runs... which to me is the most important stat for him.

Couldn't say it any better.


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