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  1. No, I mean the Astros would aplaud the copy and paste effort.
  2. The Astros FO is hiring and would applaud the effort...tho, not publicly of course.
  3. Yeah I'm just being cheeky. I'm very optimistic about this organization and it's future. Fun times ahead!
  4. Nah, this is after Trout has announced his coming out of retirement come back party to help Eloy and Yoan have one last chance at winning a WS.
  5. What about that magical game in Boston? This has KW written all over it! Poor Covey!
  6. I don't know about you guys but i got " Mike Trout to White Sox for INTL bonus $ and PTBNL" from that cryptic tweet. Stoney is a sly one.
  7. Can't do opening day but picked up tickets for Wed April 8th vs Mariners and Wed May 20th vs the Rox.
  8. Trade Ricky the rebuilder to Detroit for Gardy. Detroit is a waste for such a good manager.
  9. I thought it was Jose "DFA" Abreu?
  10. Forgot about Smith. Let's trade Madrigal for Smith.
  11. It's obvious Eloy is a bust .Hahn should trade him for Matt Davidson.
  12. LMFAO! I don't see how anyone can argue against Belted being a hall of famer. His defense, bat, longevity and the way he carried himself make it a no brainer.
  13. Yep, funny how people forget JR was involved in the discussions. That doesn't mean Hahn is completely innocent but JR is the bankroll and has the final say. Personally, I feel the Sox ownership and front office underestimated the Padres interest and willingness to pony up the money. That said, I've moved on from it because no amount of complaining will change a thing.
  14. My comment was about Verlander, not the other players. Machado didn't sign with the Sox, get over it.
  15. I don't get the complaints on Verlander. We're there any Sox fans genuinely interested in signing him as a free agent at 37 years old next year?
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