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    1983 team and of course 2005 and this current team
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  1. Jimmy Butler straight up turned into MJ for the playoffs...and to think we could've built around him. That's why the Bulls are who they are, if they never lucked into MJ, Bulls would most likely be a team still pursuing their first championship.
  2. OK, I felt dirty hoping for a lose against those bums from Wisconsin, better not f*** up the #1 draft pick 😤
  3. We have no WRs who can create separation or cannot get open after Fields buys time with his legs
  4. That INT is a young QB trying to make too much happen, he'll learn to not do that. Surround Fields with a good O Line and add some weapons and he'll be scary. Kid is amazing though...
  5. Just gotta ask Wheeler to eat some innings, don't waste your bullpen, Phils already got one of the first two from the Asstros
  6. Lord have mercy never thought there would be a team that would make me root for the Yankees. If Houston makes it to the WS, I'm seriously thinking about not even watching it.
  7. I honestly cringed through the whole video lol
  8. Should have totally expected Fields to take a step back, looking terrible so far SMH
  9. I hate to admit it but I'll be rooting for the Dodgers, lots of family in the LA area whom are Dodgers fans, in particular my favorite aunt whose a die hard fan, never misses an inning, I'd love to see her happy with a Dodgers championship.
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