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  1. Hey, football season is only half a year away!!!
  2. Yes I will, you don't know me and stop pretending you do. I wanted to keep Fields for a haul, taking MHjr and more picks to keep buildingthe team. I never badmouthed CW, I just said his game vs ND made me nervous. You can’t point to not one post here where I said CW sucks and JF is awesome. My main prospect in this draft, and still is is Harrison. TBH, I don't trust the Bears QB evaluators, they have given absolute zero reason in recent drafts why we should trust them, and much less their ability to develop a QB. I will root for CW or whomever the Bears pick because after all, I'm a Bears fan. Don't lump me in with those JF mouthbreathers who hate on CW (or whomever they pick). FOH
  3. I firmly believe the Packers are on to something not throwing their rookie QBs to the lions right off the bat. Of course not every team has the luxury of letting their young QB learn from a pair HOFers like Favre to Rodgers and then Rodgers to Love.
  4. No, no such curse, the Bears just suck at evaluating QBs (Mahomes, Stroud) and even worse at developing them. That said, I hope Williams is the clear franchise QB we've all been waiting for but I have my doubts about him and I truly hope I'm wrong. JF is a good guy, I hope he gets the coaching and development he clearly never got in Chicago and wish him a nice NFL career. If the Bears f this one up with CW, I will officially turn in my Bears fan card and just resign myself to the fact that we will never have a top QB lol
  5. Another thing, I keep going back to that stat that points to JF having the best NFL QB rating when targeting Moore, upwards of 140, better than Mahomes to Kelce in fact...if you put MHJr opposite Moore, there's no way you can convince me it wouldn't make Fields a better passer. Would they be carrying Fields? Yeah I guess so but I wouldn't care so long that it's effective. If the Bears let JF1 walk, I'll be rooting for the next guy to succeed and prove me wrong, as of right now though, I have my doubts about CW. Granted I didn't watch a lot of his games but I did catch the ND game and he looked lost.
  6. I'm not married to JF, if the Bears truly believe Williams is it (or Maye, Daniels etc), then by all means let's get him but they better get it right. My favorite prospect is MHJr, I would trade down for a haul, not gonna lie and I'm still weary of the Bears choosing the right QB, still hurts that the Bears missed horribly on Trubisky and passed up on probably the GOAT QB when all is said and done. I just don't have faith in them getting the right QB and developing him to his highest ceiling, making the right decisions on offense, players and schemes around him...I guess I'm just a cynical Bears fan in that regard haha.
  7. Mahomes is just on another level rn. The 49ers are the better team but they don't have Mahomes.
  8. Too good to be true...but I'll be jumping up and down like a giddy schoolgirl if it happens. I WANT MHJR over everyone else.
  9. Hell, had the Bears drafted Mahomes like Mahomes himself though they would, Bears would still be competing for SBs right now. I firmly believe Mahomes would be a top tier QB if the Bears picked him, he's too talented not to be, but he wouldn't be in the GOAT conversation because I believe Reid is also partly responsible for Mahomes development/success. He just knows how to create explosive offenses, and the Bears have proven to be offensively challenged πŸ˜† Hopefully Waldron changes that with whomever QB he works with.
  10. While I agree with what you wrote, the rookie year Stroud had is pretty much the outlier. Most rookie QBs who have gone on to be franchise QBs just don't come out of the gate like Stroud did so it's pretty unrealistic to expect any of these QBs of this draft class to play anywhere near what Stroud did, there will be growing pains in the process. Obviously as a Bears fan I'll be hoping the QB they draft as the #1 pick (if they go that route) will have a spectacular year but the odds of that happening aren't all that great.
  11. Fire Eberflus and hire Waldron as HC...problem solved πŸ˜†
  12. I admittedly do not watch college football that much save for a few games a year though I do try to keep up with the hot collegiate prospects and I've heard a ton about Williams being special, like Williams Kobe to Mahomes MJ. As a Bears fan, that would be great, easily the best Bears QB of our lifetime but that ain't saying much lol...or could it be that the Bears want the rest of the league to believe they're picking Williams so if the teams a couple spots down really want the Bears #1 pick, they would have to offer an insane haul? Or am I over thinking this since I really really want MHJr over any other prospect?
  13. Lol, yep I would say that's a pretty strong indication.
  14. Can I ask why Kingsbury would be a definite sign that the Bears are moving away from Fields? If the Bears do draft Caleb Williams, I hope they take their time in developing him, expecting him to play like Stroud in his first year is not the norm for rookie QBs, and IMO they can ruin him if he's not ready. I have my reservations about Williams, didn't see a lot of his games but I did see him vs Norte Dame and he honestly looked lost so that probably taints my view of him. Some of you guys who watch college football, can you explain why he is touted as generational?
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