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  1. YourWhatHurts

    All-time Soxtalk Whipping Boy

    I have never seen a very good to great player get as much shit on here as AJ. AJ is one of the 2 best all around players I have seen play here as starting catchers in my life time and the other is in the Hall of Fame. But my gosh reading SoxTalk you'd think he wasn't good at anything. I guess people have different meanings for the term whipping boy. In terms of getting saddled with undeserved complaints about production, it's AJ for me. Many of the players listed here we're wholly deserving of the criticism they received. Of course, it all belongs on the dorf first and his cronies in the office below him well before any of it deserves to fall upon the shoulders of a Jerry Owens or Darin Erstad or Mark Kotsay for example. Teams with championship aspirations should never have to rely on players like that and when they do and those players are inadequate, the blame all belongs on the shoulders of ownership and the front office. The biggest screwjob the Sox and their fans ever got was jerry. Some of the names listed in this thread should serve as a good reminder of that.
  2. YourWhatHurts

    Trevor Story

    Galvis - is he still hurt? He was basically Babe Ruth against us.
  3. YourWhatHurts

    Trevor Story

    I think that eventually he will be a good hitter all around on another team playing in a different park, but I don't want him to have to make the adjustment with us ie I don't want the Sox to be the ones to have to eat the losses of any adjustment period. That kind of defeats the purpose. Also the price would be too high and would be a poor utilization of trade resources given the fact that we are at the front end of our contention window instead of say at the back end of a contention window.
  4. YourWhatHurts

    Trevor Story

    No way a Story deal happens. COL expects to both replace and upgrade over the value of the draft pick they will get after offering a QO with Story rejecting it *and* they will expect to take the deal of the highest bidder/best centerpiece most likely among bidders. On the Sox side (and everyone else's side) there is the fact that a midseason deal eliminates the possibility of offering the QO and recouping a draft pick, so there's no second year or any compensation when he leaves in FA. So in essence Story costs a shit ton more than someone like Escobar and Schoop and probably similar to Frasier or maybe a tad less but then there's no second season. So no. It's not happening. Unless the Sox are willing to take on a bunch of money along with it in a package deal ie Blackmon which again means no. IMO Ketel Marte is a more realistic target than Story. My opinion is we'll get Escobar or maybe someone like Schoop who won't or can't get a QO and is merely a rental.
  5. YourWhatHurts

    White Sox @ Tigers - 7/4/21- Game Thread

    I'm hoping he's a #3 now. As 2005 proved, if you take a few #3s and a couple have some ace-level pure stuff, ala Freddy and Contreras, you can potentially get some really good years out of your guys all at once and win a championship.
  6. YourWhatHurts

    Gavin Sheets - STUD

    Gavin has shown me more ability with the bat than I thought he had. I'm impressed overall. I was thinking the other day how I usually like the profile if a guy like Gavin if he's on another team: LH bat, contact skills, doesn't K a lot, huge raw power potential that he hasn't tapped into yet, because that sounds like a guy who has the unteachable stuff mostly down and might be able to unlock his potential with coaching and experience. Maybe Gavin is one of those guys who will continue to progress and unlock some of that raw potential. Either way, right now he definitely doesn't look like a bad pick, and for a second rounder looks a lot better than the raw high bust rate HS players SoxTalk is always bitching about not taking more of at the top of the draft.
  7. YourWhatHurts

    Heyman: Sox interested in someone on some team. Nightengale: *nods*

    Escobar and full salary relief for Ruiz and Lenyn Sosa: who says no?
  8. YourWhatHurts

    Trevor Story

    Not happening and both Bob and Not Cishek are a couple of old and nasty bothered twats who will say anything to get some attention.
  9. YourWhatHurts

    Adolfo Trade Ideas

    I will start by saying that I think he can work as maybe a 2nd piece for Escobar or the Pirates closer. Maybe a second piece for Caleb Smith. I'm really not sure how much people are valuing the power output. It's impressive but it's hard to gauge his value because the options situation really tanks his trade value.
  10. YourWhatHurts

    Adolfo Trade Ideas

    So Micker obviously needs to play every day to continue to develop. Next season he will have to be on an MLB club or will be exposed to waivers. Micker really isn't the kind of prospect you can hide on the bench. He just doesn't make enough contact. In order to really learn anything he will have to be out there every day. That to me means he probably needs to go to a club that is likely to be pretty bad in 2022, not trying seriously to contend, and is also likely to have room in the OF for a project. So far I can think of maybe DET, KC, BAL, TEX, COL, AZ, PIT, maybe CHC, maybe MIA but prolly not. There's also a teeny tiny part of me that wonders about the Rays trying to make use of a guy like him even though they won't likely be bad next year. So obviously since the Sox are deadline buyers and Micker is likely a guy they are planning on unloading prior to ST next year anyway, I was thinking it makes sense to speculate on deals where maybe he can be a centerpiece or a quality second piece.
  11. YourWhatHurts

    Heyman: Sox interested in someone on some team. Nightengale: *nods*

    I think maybe Bailey Horn or even Adolfo might work as a centerpiece for Escobar but the secondary piece would probably have to be decent. Maybe something like Horn + Sosa + Beard for Escobar + Soria is where the Sox would draw the line. And I say that because I think Horn is a nice prospect and Sosa might be really climbing right now.
  12. YourWhatHurts

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    Chicken blood. It was white before all of those santeria chicken sacrifice rituals he does.
  13. YourWhatHurts

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    It's amazing how easy it is to get outs even against MLB hitters if you just throw strikes, get ahead of hitters, and keep your pitches especially your breaking balls out of the exact center of the plate. Marshall specifically is Chef Boyardee with the constant hanging breaking balls middle of the plate, falling behind everyone, showing all his pitches by time the second hitter he faces leaves the box. Just get the fucking ball and throw strikes. It works.
  14. YourWhatHurts

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    I'm not looking at him to be a setup guy, just a garbage man MR. I'd like a vet who can mix things up and get the ball over the plate. Make the opposition put the ball in the play and keep things out of the heart of the plate mostly. I think he can do that. He has a lot more to work with than Foster does. And if not him, I would like someone else in that similar mold.
  15. YourWhatHurts

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    You obviously haven't seen his good slider then.