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  1. I've thought about buying a 10 game voucher, but with capacity at 60% (and hopefully 100% in a few weeks), I might just wait and buy tickets for a game.  The 10 game voucher prices don't seem to be much (if any) of a discount.

  2. I voted Eaton, but my reading comprehension skills are lacking this morning.  I was going to add a comment that I'd expect a platoon of Eaton and Engel, but I saw that was a choice...after I had already voted.

    Eaton is showing signs of wear, which is not that surprising.  Once Engel is back, I see him taking on significant playing time between CF and platooning with Eaton in RF.  That should be good to help keep Eaton healthy.

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  3. I would say the Sox are closer to "ignoring" than "revolting".  It is a young team, but there are several leaders that do a better job of taking care of others than LaRussa.  I think this team is strong enough to keep winning despite LaRussa and his distractions.

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  4. 17 minutes ago, MiddleCoastBias said:

    Guaranteed Yermin already had that in his closet already.

    50/50 Madrigal did too and has just been ITCHING for a chance to wear it.


    He's probably been saying since the season began, "Hey guys, what if we all dressed like Moncada...you know, for fun.  I mean, I'd have to buy something, but I always need something from Target."

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  5. 1 minute ago, Quin said:

    So many gems that got lost in the shuffle last night:

    "Maybe they weren't trying to hit my player."

    TLR never had any intention of defending his player.

    What. The. Fuck.  It's not like it dove inside and hit him in the toe.  He deliberately threw at/behind Yermin.  There was clear intent.  "What did they do?"  They tried to hurt your player, and you defended them.  What a piece of shit.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, brijames1957 said:

    The Sox players know TLR is a senile old man with cognitive loss from all the years of drinking. They don't need to like him to win. I have been on winning teams where we all hated our coach. As long as the players stick together they can be a winning team. It is when you have different groups within a team pulling in different directions that the trouble starts.

    That's a good point.  I would assume/hope that the players are unified.

  7. At least from what I can see on Twitter, there's not any national sports writers, local sports writers, players, former players, fans of the Sox or other teams that agree with LaRussa.  No one.

    Those of us old enough to have a lot of work experience have most likely worked for a terrible boss.  Imagine being part of a team that is one of the best at what you do and having a boss like TLR.  This team is succeeding in spite of him.  My fear is that things will start to fall apart if this keeps up.  How long before players start going to their agents or to Hahn saying they don't want to work here anymore?

  8. I've had a chance to sleep on this, and I'm still pissed.  No, pissed isn't the right word.  I can't say I'm disappointed, because that would insinuate that I expected something different from LaRussa.  I'm not terribly surprised, either.  I do feel bad for the players.  They have a manager that doesn't back them up and goes so far as to publicly trash one of his own players and then publicly praise the other team for plunking one of his own.

    The argument that TLR is "making this about himself to pull the focus from the players" is bullshit.  How he's comporting himself is how he actually feels.  He's stuck in the old days and wants one of the most dynamic, fun teams in the league to play by the unwritten rules and not be themselves.

    Ozzie was a bag of shit for quitting on the team when he decided he wanted to go to Miami.  What LaRussa is doing is much worse.  Ozzie would have still stood up for his guys.

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  9. I’m at a loss for words.  He’s defending the other team throwing at his own player…on purpose.  What bullshit.  There’s not a player on that team that respects him now, there can’t be.

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  10. 1 minute ago, wegner said:

    I remember he said some nasty things about Sox fans when he was a Twin.and I was like WTF when the Sox signed him.  As far as i remember, he was basically rehabbing most of the time he was here.

    I just looked it up and am surprised to see he actually has 218 PA that season.  I barely remember seeing him play.

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  11. 5 minutes ago, Green Line said:

    Now the players are publicly disrespecting the manager.  Not good.  Mercedes should be given a formal warning.

    LaRussa should have kept his mouth shut and dealt with this in-house.

  12. Not following a sign from the dugout is an issue.  But TLR could have just left it at that.  Instead he had to go all lame old school and soft and squishy and apologize to the other team...AND say all that bullshit publicly.

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