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  1. Ah yeah, Paul Phillips. Forgot about him. Considering Armstrong is on the 40-man, and having a good season, I kinda hope he gets the call.


    The Boone Logan callup already is curious. He sucked at Charlotte too, so hopefully he's just going to be used in blowouts.

  2. QUOTE (forrestg @ Aug 30, 2008 -> 09:43 PM)
    childers or phillips?


    Who is Phillips? They had Heath Phillips last year, but he's long gone.


    Childers would have to be added to the 40-man. Doubt that will happen.


  3. I'd activate Linebrink and Wise, and brink up Wassermann, Getz, Fields, Owens, and Armstrong.


    I wouldn't bring up Logan or MacDougal.

  4. QUOTE (joejoedairy @ Jul 10, 2008 -> 12:31 PM)
    The Twins always give us problems even if they arent good. We beat the Tigers regularly. Gimme the Tigers


    vs Twins 7-4


    vs. Tigers 5-4



  5. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jul 1, 2008 -> 11:27 AM)
    Some reporter on ESPN First Take was on talking about some rumors about the Sox dealing Konerko and that Boston is very interested. Apparently the belief in Boston is that Ortiz will be out for the season. However, for the most part the rumors she was talking about sounded like a bunch of crap. Did indicate that the Sox may be looking to acquire pitching. I really don't think there was any legitimate inside info regarding these rumors though.


    I don't see Konerko approving a trade to any team that doesn't have spring training in Arizona, or that plays east of the Mississippi.


  6. QUOTE (Markbilliards @ Jun 29, 2008 -> 09:54 AM)
    what do you mean by "draft and follow" ?


    Up until last year when they changed the rules, teams would draft guys in the later rounds with no intention of signing them right away. They would tell the player that they would like to sign them the following year right before the following year's draft--usually in May. If you go to a 4-year school, you can't come out until after your junior year. So these players would go to community colleges and junior colleges, and play that season and sign in May.


    So the new rule is really hurting the JUCO programs.

  7. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ May 27, 2008 -> 03:31 PM)
    Nothing wrong with that. Probably should be resting him more. Especially with the lefties. Although I'm not sure how much I like the all righty lineup, lefties are only hitting .077 against Laffey on the season, so that's not that bad of a move on paper.


    I think Dye and Q ought to get offdays within the next few.


    How about next Monday with the rest of the team?

  8. If Smoak is still out there at 8, I hope the Sox take him. If he goes to the minors for a year or two, he'll be ready when Konerko is gone or moved to DH.


    In my opinion, we're going to see less and less true power hitters as MLB gets away from HGH. We've seen power number go down drastically over the last two seasons.


    I think a switch-hitting power hitter not named Joe Borchard, would be awesome.