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  1. 2 minutes ago, brijames1957 said:

    Big game tomorrow night against maybe the best pitcher in the AL. 

    If deGrom can lose ballgames, so can Bieber...and he has. Sox win 2/3 this weekend, they’re 16-11 and on pace for 96 wins with the warm weather months coming.

  2. 17 minutes ago, greg775 said:

    Nope. No worries at all about KCR. Sox roster is better, way better. I figure Sox will go 12-6 against them this year; if KC is lucky maybe Sox will go 10-8 vs. KC. Royals are going to suffer a long losing streak at some point, 8 to 12 in a row I predict. Sox roster is way better; case closed.

    19 games vs division opponents since 2013...except last year. I’m hoping the Sox go at least 46-30 in the division, with a season series win against all four. 

  3. There’s snow going on now, and it probably won’t get above the low 40s today in Boston. Expect them to play the “inclement weather” card early and there will be a doubleheader this weekend sometime.