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  1. Yep. Hope they can bring him back for another year or two.
  2. Is this your way of saying that you have no source? Quit peddling fake news.
  3. Please provide a source that clearly states that Hahn did not want to sign Eaton or hire Larussa.
  4. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the Larussa hate is getting out of control. Bunch of fake news being peddled that Hahn wasn't onboard with the Eaton signing and larussa hiring.
  5. That was a picture perfect swing. Beauty to my eyes.
  6. And you know this how? Did Hahn personally tell you he was lying?
  7. Show me one manager in the history of the game that has won when his team scored zero runs please.
  8. I watched the press conference when Larussa was announced as manager and when Eaton signed. Hahn said he was really excited about both acquisitions. Was Hahn lying to White Sox nation?
  9. I personally blame the manager for that. How about you?
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