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  1. Larry Elder is the definition of the term Oreo... Hell I bet it has his picture next to it... He reminds me of that Chapelle Show skit about the blind black white supremacist.
  2. I don't know about the other two but CNN headline news seemed to run it every ten minutes. It was covered on CNN multiple times. So your wrong on CNN for sure. I can't speak to CBS and NBC. And Fox News will report anything that furthers John McCain going into the White House. A vote for Hillary is equal to a vote for McCain. Because McCain will trounce Hilliary in a general election.
  3. Well maybe I haven't seen enough of these... Obviously if what you say is true he has gone to far.
  4. I watched the videos and I'm as white as they come. He didn't say anything outright false. Maybe exagerated. So why is this such a big deal?
  5. You have no idea how wrong you are. Native Americans are still treated like garbage up there. Not only that but they import other peoples racists and wackos who hang out in the woods and mountains then they broadcast on shortwave radio.
  6. It might not be their reason. They want to keep her small. But in this perverse world it's still something that needs to be considered..
  7. If she did that then there is no doubt in my mind that she had to of made a back room deal to give McCain the presidency. Because thats the only way in hell that she'd do something that stupid. All she'd do was steal votes from Obama.
  8. I guess it all depends on how disabled this girl really is... It doesn't sound like she'd of had any reasonable quality of life anyway. And you wouldn't want to risk some sicko raping her and causing a pregnancy that would just turn out to be a disaster in everyway. However it they are only mildly retarded or physically disabled with no altering of mental function then I think that this would be totally the wrong thing to do. I do agree though that they opens up pandora's box though... And it can be dangerous in the wrong context.
  9. As someone who lives in Montana for over 2 years I don't give a s*** where it is geographically the people in that region are far more like southerners then northerners. It's big cowboy culture up there. I can't remember the last time I saw cowboys roaming around Chicago, New York, or any other major northern city.
  10. Unless that person happens to be of the opposite race. Then they either just stare distrustingly or just cross the street to avoid then, if not worse things.
  11. Oh course she's got going to be fired... Thats tame compared to the racist stunts Clinton has pulled... Like those Muslim e-mails and the picture.
  12. IMO if Hillary can get those White Supremacists to come out for her in as strong of numbers as they did in Texas she might only lose by 5... I swear she is evil...
  13. Must be the big African American vote. Seriously though this won't effect Hilliary. CNN has her pegged as the front runner already.
  14. The monster thing is a joke. First off Obama didn't say it some over zealous aide did. Finally the aide resigned (more then likely to avoid being fired). If one of Hillary's aides did this they would still be working for her.
  15. Obama is not the front runner. And guess what? He's better off not being the front runner. Because when Clinton is the front runner she loses. So as far as I'm concerned I'd rather Clinton think she's the front runner. Because if Obama thinks he is then he will lose.
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