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  1. QUOTE (fathom @ Sep 4, 2013 -> 06:22 PM) Well, it appears Johnson is a horrible fielding pitcher. His stuff on the mound is solid, but he seems to have a hard time repeating his delivery. That was Clayton Richard's bug-a-boo. Couldn't field his position or throw to 1st
  2. QUOTE (Jake @ Sep 27, 2012 -> 07:37 PM) Does Mike Huff have any relationship with the Sox? Doesn't he work at Bulls/Sox Academy
  3. Escobar hasnt shown the power he has and while he has been a decent utility player, he is expendable...Hernandez wasnt in the top 30 of the Sox prospect list so this is an easy deal to make for KW...adding another arm will assure some rest for Sale and Peavy down the stretch...While I would have liked to see Johnson or Grienke, we basically paid little to nothing for Liriano, and Youkilis for that matter!
  4. No radio. Game on direcTV 692 IF u have the Sports Package
  5. Gotta get my daughter from school so I'll be gone for an inning or so...
  6. Escobar steals 2b, over slides the base, then gets tagged out CWS 2-4-0 LAA. 2-2-1 -bottom 2
  7. Escobar infield hit to 1b, the pitcher and 2b fail to cover first base. Lillibridge to 3rd
  8. Lillibridge hammers a full count pitch to LF. Langerhans bobbled the ball twice, Flowers scores lillibridge to 2b. Official score double no RBI E-7 2-1 LAA
  9. Flowers up first...reaches on a grounder to short. Ball was in hole between short and 3rd, Izturis couldn't field it, called a hit, I thought it was an E-6
  10. Langerhans strikes out. After 1 inning Angels 2 White Sox 0
  11. Amarista rolls into force out 3-2, Dunn to Flowers 2 out
  12. Wilson walks. Bases loaded. No control for JD. 30 pitches 1 out, that was on 2 pitches, Coop visits the mound
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