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  1. Kind of weird for a grown man to act like this. Take your bat and go home because you can't bring your kid to work with you every day? Welcome to the real world.
  2. I don't know why everyone is freaking out. Did you guys not expect a team to offer him 5 years? The sox know this offer is on the table so now they can either match the 5 years or pass.
  3. QUOTE (blackmooncreeping @ Jan 20, 2016 -> 11:48 AM) I get that part, just not sure how it is done and what it ultimately really proves. It proves nothing just like the guys tweets in the first place prove nothing.
  4. Did that realtor from Kansas City tweet out anything about Cespedes yet?
  5. QUOTE (GreenSox @ Jan 6, 2016 -> 10:57 AM) Not improving the 0 WAR LF and RF makes the Frazier trade absolute madness. This is where hero-worshiping comes in. Frazier's here, not because the Sox will win, but to have a home run hitter to watch. Might as well get full hero value and let him participate in home run derby this year, if that's the plan. Might want to wait until free agency is actually over to proclaim this.
  6. QUOTE (SouthSideSale @ Dec 27, 2015 -> 04:55 PM) The poster said for what it's worth. Relax. I know a plumber who works in Chicago that said Gordon likes the Sox offer. For what it's worth.
  7. QUOTE (Sockin @ Dec 27, 2015 -> 12:36 PM) FWIW this guy said Gordon rejected the Sox offer. https://twitter.com/DowellTeam/status/681147962282512384 We are using realtors as sources in this thread now? Getting sad.
  8. QUOTE (sunofgold @ Aug 31, 2011 -> 11:40 AM) We better beat Dustin Diamond aka Screech. I want to stay on a big winning going against the Tiggs next. Diamond is a lefty and Rios was 2-5 yesterday. Don't mind him playing but rather see Viciedo batting fourth. Chance to knock Twins into last and move closer to first. Didn't he have an infield single and a bloop single?
  9. Now Ozzie will have Morel try and steal 2nd and it will fail miserably
  10. QUOTE (Harry Chappas @ Aug 17, 2011 -> 12:15 AM) that should do it thank god that 6 man rotation and the big bullpen pick up are working Frasor really looks like he has no clue where the ball is going Does that make him different than any other reliever tonight?
  11. Well this is almost guaranteed to end badly....but heck of a game I guess
  12. crain has NO idea where that fastball is going....this is brutal
  13. Whens the last time a team gave up 5 triples, drew 8 walks and won in extra innings?
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