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  1. Nashville isn't happening.  First, taxpayers just ponied up a s%*# ton of money for a new Titans stadium.  Second, the southeast is Braves country.  It would be very difficult for a different team to make inroads into that longstanding Braves fanbase.  The threat to move is just a negotiating tactic.

    With the current lease ending in six years, this is a good time for the Sox to start negotiations on a new stadium deal.  For one, with the Bears basically headed out of Chicago, the political climate is good for the Sox to negotiate.  Second, Jerry knows the team will be sold when he dies.  If he can secure a sweetheart deal from the city/state now, he'll up the franchise valuation significantly, just in time for the sale.

    Point being, the media is taking normal due diligence by the Sox and creating a whole bunch of clickbait sensationalism.

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  2. On 8/9/2023 at 7:47 PM, Sleepy Harold said:

    Someone should tell Pedro his team is 23 games under .500, wins don't mean s%*# at this point in the season pal.

    Wins mean something when you're Pedro Grifol, praying this first season doesn't result in 100 losses and assuring he'll never manage another MLB team in his life. 

    This is just a matter of self-preservation.  And the funny thing is, it's not going to matter.  No one will hire him.

  3. 31 minutes ago, southsideirish71 said:

    I don't care that he got into a fight. Its stupid but whatever. But when you put your hands up and start to take swings sometimes they swing back. 

    Kopech had Ramirez wrapped up.  Instead of handling business, he tried to gingerly separate he and TA, which led to TA getting knocked out.  Kopech had a responsibility there and failed.  

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  4. 11 hours ago, Chimpton said:

    Utter nonsense, so Betts thinks more White Sox players should have been throwing punches? How come no other Guardians players threw punches? Does that mean they don't support Ramirez? 

    As a former teacher the 'fight' was just like so many playground fights, after 1 or 2 punches it virtually always degenerates into pushing and shoving and 'hold me back' posturing.

    This isn't a playground full of second graders out on recess.  This is professional sports.  It's an absurdly bad look not to retaliate in a situation where reactions are read as indicators of pride, culture, cohesiveness, and brotherhood.  

    No manager is going to punish his guys for suspensions they may receive while sticking up for their teammates.  Outside of, apparently, Pedro Grifol, most managers would applaud such a reaction.  

    And TA didn't start that s%*#, Ramirez's soft ass started it.  TA didn't stand over him long enough for Jose to get in his feels about it.  Then he poked his finger right in TA's grill.  It's game on at that point.  

    I'm not a violent person and don't condone violence or fighting, in general.  Sports are different...teammates are closer to family.  Again, brotherhood.  If my real-life brother were involved in a brawl, I'm going to be right there beside him serving pain to whomever I can.  I'd do the same for a teammate.  


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  5. 6 minutes ago, ptatc said:

    I agree. But they need to come up with the rules then. Do they outlaw facial hair and have a strict dress code? Does everyone have the exact same drills and stretching requirements or is it individualized?

    Mike Vrabel, who is one hell of an NFL coach and was one hell of an NFL player, says that he's hardest on his most talented and valuable players.  Not only does that prove to the roster that Vrabs doesn't play favorites, it also shows the top dogs respecting the head coach.  Next thing you know, a young guy gets out of line, Vrabs doesn't even need to worry about it....his vets, and most of the roster, will take care of the problem on their own.  

    Making meetings, doing your work, not sleeping on the job, hustling, etc....these aren't difficult rules to follow.  I think Kenyan's point about the shaving was that the attention to detail was indicative of a proud franchise and culture. 

    Clearly, all of these basic duties went out the window under TLR.  No one was held accountable.  Why would the culture change?

  6. So a team 1gb of 1st place dealt the best pitcher in their rotation due to market conditions, and get one hell of a prospect back in return.  They know they aren't going anywhere, even if they win the division, so might as well capitalize on the market conditions.

    The Sox?  20 games under .500 and still hanging onto Aaron Bummer, much less Dylan Cease, for a long shot chance at a 2024 AL Central crown.

    At what point do we move away from talking about accountability for the Sox FO and move into talking about unbelievable incompetence?

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  7. Everything points to dealing him being the correct decision.  The market, the lack of available pitching, active playoff races all across the league, our awful season, etc.  

    The ONLY thing this FO could look at that could cause them hesitation would be their aims for 2024.  I, for one, will be LIVID is they calculate their (remote) chances for a meaningless AL Central crown next season overwhelms the absolute haul we could get for Cease.

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  8. 28 minutes ago, Baron said:

    Exactly. He should have been resigned. He's the exact type of player you want on this baseball club. But he's not going to resign here now. 

    Why is he the "exact type of player you want" on this team?  We're going to suck.  Gio can be a dominant, top of the rotation kind of pitcher....but he can also suck ass.  Should a rebuilding team be throwing $25-30M a year at a SP who will be 2-3 years into the extension before the roster is even close to being ready to compete?

    I can't believe folks are actually arguing that he should have been resigned.  A different team with a different owner?  Sure, maybe it's the right choice.  But we're the White Sox and we have Jerry fucking Reinsdorf as an owner.  An owner who has yet to sign ANY PLAYER to a 9 figure salary...not even 80% of a 9 figure salary.  Time to accept who we root for and adjust your expectations.

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  9. 6 hours ago, Kyyle23 said:

    Yea we all watched the same thing with Crede, and there was no get better with surgery.  The back is just too much moving parts/muscles/tendons/cartilage 

    Science has come a long way since Crede days.  Granted, it all depends on what the exact issue he's having with his back but there are options,  For instance, fusing was a common procedure but now, given certain conditions are met, they have an alternative to fusion available.  

    A guy who works for me has a very bad back and is going through this stage now, trying to determine the correct treatment.  He was just telling me the other day how the older doctors he goes to offer him older options.  He's now seeing a much younger doctor who is up on all the new options and has had great success with his patients.

    TL;DR - Back issues aren't necessarily the death knell to an athlete's career the way they were 15-20 years go.

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  10. 22 minutes ago, NWsideSoxfan said:

    I live here in ATL and have boycotted the games this weekend. My son was bugging me to go Friday and I told him no I don’t want to spend a f ew hundred buck to see them lose 9-1, i was close. Last night was nice but we were busy and day games here in July are brutal hot. If the team wasn’t a hot pile of poop I would have been more motivated to invest time and money.

    Yeah, tickets aren't cheap at Truist and I can't imagine sitting in this stifling heat for 2-3 hours in the afternoon.  We're skipping today's game, too.

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  11. Dad and brother are down and we chose this game to go to.  Not sure why as, with Strider on the mound, this looked like a sure-fire loss.  Shocked we walked away with a win. Acuna is just plain electric as a ballplayer.  

    Good game all around.  If y'all haven't been to Truist park, it should be on your list of spots to hit.  Great atmosphere, friendly (and large) crowd, good sightlines.  

  12. 1 minute ago, almagest said:

    He'd be better off investing that money into drafting and player development. Just run with a tiny payroll, period.

    In our "window"?  Ya'll woulda been calling for his head.  I would've been, too.

  13. 1 minute ago, almagest said:

    I don't think Chuck has any more insight than we do w/ Yoan.


    Yeah, not like he's buddies with guys both on the roster and guys who have left the team.  I'm sure they never talk.

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  14. Just now, almagest said:


    I also don't doubt that Hahn is working with limits that hurt his ability to GM, but he's still squandered tons of money on relievers and terrible players, and our minor league system is awful and has no chance to reinforce the majors to keep the window open. That's all on him.

    We've never signed a player to a $100M contract.  Never.  Not even $80M.  

    With these sorts of constraints, which positions on the diamond can you get the most bang for your buck using smaller contracts?  You're not getting impact position players.  You're not getting badass SP.  The ONLY position on the diamond where you can still get elite-level players for <$20M/yr, and on shorter term deals, is RP.  

    I think Hahn sucks and needs to go.  But I understand why he loaded up on BP arms. 

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