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1 minute ago, Balta1701 said:

@ron883 apparently this was decided specifically because you were abusing it to hide your old Abreu threads rather than using it selectively to hide single posts with minor errors. 

Lmao really? "Abusing" it? I knew the mods would catch that and reopen it. It was a joke. Lots of folks had a laugh at it. 

Removing the hide feature is plain silly. Instead you'll just get shitty double posts that people will edit to say "edit" or "sry double post". 

The hide feature makes this place look cleaner and the people like it. Who the hell cares if people use it to hide old posts they don't want others seeing?

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3 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

If you don’t want people bumping your old threads then maybe think twice about making them?

Completely missed the point. I don't care if somebody bumps an old thread of mine. The hide feature still makes things look cleaner on here. It's a standard feature in forums. 

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