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High School Sports Officials - Short Supply

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At the high school level, we've seen the numbers of officials decline slowly, now quickly. This year I heard something interesting. If a coach in our area is reported twice by officials for "abusive behavior" the organization will stop sending officials to that coach's games. 

At first it seemed like a power play by the organization but after I thought about the plan it made sense.  Abusive behavior by players, coaches, and fans is at the top of the "why I retired from officiating" list. 

It made me remember when I was hit with one technical years ago that wasn't me. A parent behind me yelled and the official called it on me. Thankfully I had experience with the second official who moved in quickly to change the scoring to a fan. It was a very serious infraction in my district to get hit with a T. The second official knew that. 

The second official and I had a moment the previous year that became a running joke. He blew a call. Everyone in be the gym knew it. I walked over and quietly asked him what he saw. He told me what he saw and I quietly replied "are you sure that was here, today?" smiled and walked away. 

Early in games he would make a call and say "yep, right here, today! Can you believe it?" 

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